Air Control – Take on the role of Air Traffic Controller

[Game] Air Control

Air ControlIn this simple yet surprisingly addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller.

It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.


Classic game mode as well as the unique puzzle game mode
Online highscores
Countless hours of addictive gameplay
#1 Android air traffic controller game

Location: To use with highscores.
Internet: To submit highscores.
Phone State and Identity: Used by offers provider to award miles for completing offers.
SD Card: To cache video offers.

Air Control user reviews :

May 2023 Update. They reduced the ads and playable. Thanks. Originally I used to have a pro version without ads. Now the developer removed the pro version. Ad version was ok. But now it became worse as they put a half inch popup all the time. Uninstalling

The game was fun but the top banner advertisement that has been recently added has ruined it. The ad is overlayed on the playing space and your planes crash because you can’t manipulate them behind the advertisement. I’m good with the ad between plays, but I’m done with this game until that banner is gone.

It sucks when the advertising banner comes down from the top and blocks the view of some airplanes coming into play. They don’t need the banners to come down that far into the field of play, I don’t know why they designed it this way but you lose more planes when they come out from behind that banner and then crash with other planes

Dont waste your time..!! #### It was a fun game but with an ad taking 1/3 of the screen its not playable.. Un-Playable!!!! Haven’t played for a while.. Was hoping that the ads got better. Nope. Ads cover 1/3 of games..

Keeps Pausing This is a find game. But it keeps pausing when I tap towards the upper left of the screen. I have to tap here because that’s where certain aircraft are / need to go. It’s quite frustrating because this unwanted pausing has effected my performance. I’ve had crashed because the menu pops up when I try to draw a line. Sometimes it pauses multiple times when I try to make a line. Again, it’s a really great game to play. Just need a way to disable that feature.

This has been a fun game for years, but they’ve been adding more and more ads. The banner ad really did make this game unplayable, and I should’ve uninstalled then. But now you’re really gonna show me an ad before I even see the game? Your greed has ruined a fun game, congrats. This was a 5 star game, it gets 2 because it’s still fun for the first few mins before you inevitably lose due to the ad banner, to be immediately shown more ads.

They have adds that shrink the screen and make it so sometimes you have less than half a second to react. That’s dumb

Love this game. It was the first game I played on the first gen iPod touch in 2008. Still just as fun! Ironically, I played it while working in an air traffic control tower when slow. I can confirm similar skills are needed when sequencing actual air traffic. When you’ve got both small Cessnas and large FedEx freighters in the pattern, it can be a challenge!

Love the game except for one thing. When the aircraft appear on the screen, almost every time they are put on a collision course with another aircraft. If you don’t keep them on a path they will almost always immediately turn to intercept another aircraft. The game actively tries to cause you to loose. It’s not the game being hard, it actively tries to cause you to loose. It gets really old after awhile. Guess it’s time to move on to another game again.

A fun little game. The banner ad on the top of the screen ruins the game. It takes away a good portion of the screen. You can see the planes coming and can’t touch them til they get past the ad. Frustrating to lose when the planes are behind the ad. Just give me 30 second ads after each death or something.

The game itself is pretty basic, with several maps to choose from. Some maps are exclusive for premium but you can watch an ad to unlock it for limited attempts. I think this is a quite clever way to encourage but not force people to opt for premium. My suggestion is maybe add more runway layouts.

I have played this game for years and rate the game 5 stars. But as of late they have started ads that cover 1/3 of the screen. It is impossible to play the game with an ad blocking the screen and I cannot get the ads to go away.

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