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AirtableOrganize anything you can imagine with Airtable, a modern database created for everyone. Download and use for free.

Airtable is a fast and flexible way to create tables to keep track of anything. On your mobile device, your records are presented as tap-friendly cards. On the web, you can edit your records using a simple spreadsheet interface.

Despite its simplicity, Airtable has a robust data model underneath that’s more sophisticated than a spreadsheet. Airtable goes beyond text by giving you rich fields like attachments and links to records in other tables. Switch between views to get different perspectives on the same underlying tables.

Airtable is collaborative to the core. Share data with others and then watch as updates and comments are updated in real-time.

Whether you’re trying to create a list of sales leads, an employee directory, or a product catalog, we have you covered. Airtable lets you start with an empty table or one of the following pre-built templates:
Project management
Vacation planning
Event management
Sales lead tracking
To-Do lists and task management
CRM for personal and small businesses
Expense tracking and vendor management
Asset management
Inventory management
Product catalog
PR and Communications
Wedding planning
Team coordination

Airtable user reviews :

So far the app seems to run very smoothly and is wildly customizable. My only complaint is that it doesn’t contain a template for what could easily be its most useful application: cataloguing a personal library!!!

The app is useful and intuitive. However, the waiting time to load my bases every time I launch the app (7-10 seconds every time although I have just a few bases) is really annoying.

The recent Android update messed up a lot of my apps and system settings. For airtable, when I try to type in a field within a record, the app starts quickly and uncontrollably adding blank spaces into the field, preventing me from typing. I try to delete all those extra spaces so the text appears on screen, but more space is immediately added. Can you resolve this? Thanks!

I’ve been using Airtable as a writing aid. My database of scene ideas and character notes is the most important tool I have. It’s always with me when I have random ideas, and so easy to configure. I can’t imaging writing anything without it now.

I love Airtable but this app is not very good. The pdf reader is painful to use, the downloads/uploads don’t always work, the app glitches a lot more lately (in fact, it won’t even open for me this morning). Just unfortunate because it’s such a great platform when used on browser.

It’s a nice app but they will let you sign in via email and then delete your password if you sign in from mobile using oauth and then hold your account hostage unless you give them permissions to download all your contacts, which is very unnecessary. I had to restart from an alt email.

It won’t let me pass the sign up screen. It keeps loading and never goes onto the next screen. Tried for a few days at random times with the same result.

Great app. would love a widget for my homescreen that allows me to quickly add records to specific tables.

I want to love it, but major flaw is no offline support. You have to have the absolute best service at that time you open it or it will load cycle forever. I’ve missed quite a few opportunities because of this and this is why I can’t recommend for business use.

There’s a lot of options and a lot to learn here. I use Airtable for organizing lots of things: non-profit fundraising events, moving, and sewing projects. I also use it to set up my life coaching business and to keep that business growing.

Every session, this app’s back-end freezes after a number of actions – either won’t load data any longer, or won’t complete edits. Has to be restarted. Would love it if it worked.

Good but missing basic and important features. No apparent way to duplicate tables in a base, for example.

There are still a lot of things I’d like to do and could be done with a mobile app. The web/desktop service is great though.

I love the Airtable App for my business! It is so amazingly helpful to me and my team in so many ways.

The app is a great companion if you already use the desktop/browser vers of airtable. But there are some technical issues that you might run into for those with larger databases, such as loading speed and search. What this app needs is an offline mode, the ability to cache some or all your data onto the app for quick pull-up in areas that might have poor reception or for those who are mobile data limited. The pricing structure isen’t that appealing for someone who just wants expanded records

It’s a flexible app with many features. it would nice if the mobile browser can also work..face issue like trying to copy and paste from a browser to the app is stressful but other ways it one good app.

I’ve just seen this application after I have been tried for things until this , easy to use for management.

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