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BasecampThe refreshingly simple, and remarkably effective, project management platform.

Managing people and projects under pressure is tough enough. Unfortunately, lots of software makes it worse by over-complicating things. Basecamp’s different.

What makes Basecamp special?

It’s dialed in. For nearly two decades, we’ve continually refined a unique set of tools and methods to fundamentally reduce complexity, and make project management more of a joy and less of a chore. Perfected and pressure-tested by hundreds of thousands of teams on millions of projects, Basecamp’s the gold standard for a simpler, superior version of project management.

Basecamp works because it’s the easiest place for everyone in every role to put the stuff, work on the stuff, discuss the stuff, decide on the stuff, and deliver the stuff that makes up every project. Not on separate platforms scattered in various places, but all intuitively organized in one centralized place where everyone can work together.

Basecamp’s intentionally simple by design. It’s why teams that sometimes leave in search of “more power” end up slamming into the consequences of over-powered software: Complexity. Complexity doesn’t work. Basecamp does. It’s why those that leave end up coming back and sticking with us the second time around. You never know what you had until it’s gone.

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Basecamp user reviews :

I cannot say enough amazing things about Basecamp. As a creative director I always had issues managing files and deadlines, and while it’s my job to steer the ship sometimes I found myself dropping the ball because of organization. I love how visual it is and how the various features like a shared calendar, direct message pings and the live timeline feature helps put my mind at ease knowing that if I’m not there, the work is still being complete.

There are several features that don’t work from a phone: When editing a comment post, in the messages section of a group, the attachment (paper clip) icon and other formatting options are not available. So, if you forget to add a pic, then you have to re-post or get on a computer. Saving drafts of posts is also a problem. Ping functions are no where to be found in the phone app for Android. There are a few other difficulties but I can’t remember them at the moment.

Wrote a whole list out including pictures, over an hour and half and lost everything by accidentally swiping my thumb downwards. Apparently it refreshed and deleted all my information. Trying to include someone or more is a frustrating thing as well. Is says “include all or include no one”…no choices of choosing and if you try to tap on include all it does nothing. Not very user friendly, very frustrating and at the end of a work day having to abandon the app and write every thing down

On mobile: People tags will often disappear shortly after adding them to a post. If you’re quick enough you can hit “Post” and they’ll stay, but if not, they will disappear and the only way to add them is for the to edit the post and add the people tags again.

love it. took me many years to try it seriously. I’m glad I did. Best project management tool for small companies out there. Keep it up 37 Signals!

Cannot tag people using the phone app. The tag is put into the message, but disappears within seconds. I can provide a screen recording if you contact me.

Plenty of glitches where the app is inaccessible for days at a time. Not a very logical way to organize bookmarks, and the search function is not efficient, nor does it seem to follow the established protocol for search terms. Overall disorganized, inefficient and hard to navigate. I have to use it since it’s the only hub for a curriculum my family uses. Unfortunate.

You can do everything in the app that you can do on the website, which is great. The chat however is quite slow, often messages don’t appear for some time even though the system notification arrives. Very often you will see a “disconnected, waiting for connection..” on the chat side, which is quite frustrating. So the app is good to catch up on work while on the road, but for heavy interaction with colleagues it’s unfortunately sub-par to other solutions.

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