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AlarmDroidAlarmDroid : Android «flip’n’snooze» Alarm Clock Application. Makes you wake up in your way!

[AlarmDroid is also localized to Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese and Greek, even if this can’t be displayed in the Android Market]

AlarmDroid is a feature-rich alarm clock application. It is created to give every Android-User the opportunity to wake up his(her) own way, not caring about whether he(she) is an early bird or a morning grouch.
AlarmDroid’s special feature is the flip’n’snooze feature, which allows the user to turn the alarm clock back into snooze mode by turning over the phone. Further, it provides a speaking clock, which does not only announce the time but even the local weather conditions.
These and more features are waiting to be discovered by you! Even internet radio stations are supported as alarm tone.

(I recommend to install “Rings extended” additionally)
— BETA releases —
You can find beta releases containg the most recent bugfixes as well as the newest features at
(Scroll to the bottom!)
Note: beta versions are fully compatible to the market release and can also be upated automatically using the Android Market application

— I support you —
Unfortunately, it seems to be nearly impossible to develop an application like AlarmDroid which works on every available (and very different) Android device and version perfectly. So if there appear any bugs, please send me an email and I will find a solution for this problem! Thanks! :)

— Please also support me —
It costs a lot of time/money to develop and improve AlarmDroid. And to answer the tons of emails I get every day. Therefore, any support (particulary financial support) is very appriciated. More details at

AlarmDroid user reviews:

Thank you so much for this app. I love the customizable features and all the extras, like having to answer a math problem to stop the alarm.

When you move something, such as the countdown timer maybe creating some help screens or giving an explanation in the update, maybe some kind of moved feature tutorial. This is the second time the countdown timer has moved. Its the faire i use the most. So please stop moving it or give some walk through of changed features. Otherwise a great app

It is the best alarm I have ever used Ihope it’s gunna support Arabic

I love everything about the app. BUT, I am able to wake up to my own playlist. Great job guys!

Fantastic app, never missed an alarm. Since I use it everyday I would prefer a paid version instead of an ad.

The best was IS to solve math problems in the morning.. its like you got to start your brain before your body, not vise versa like weve been doing for years.. thankx again.. maybe long division and or option to upgrade the math problem. I set it on med. And now regret the lack of math skill in the morning cuz u cant go back and change difficulties. Even if re-installed.. 5 star

been suffered from late to work cuz using default alarm clock which always forget to work. but this app is a MUST HAVE. now i cant go through everyday without this app. thanks sooo much!

It has so many options and is DEPENDABLE!!!! The support is great also. Quick understandable responses!!! Thank You!!!

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