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AlarmDroidThe powerful, yet simple alarm clock app for Android.

The new 2.0 version brings the new Material Design, plenty of new themes, a beautiful new time picker, and overall performance improvements.

Sensor features
Still wanna snooze a while? Just turn the phone over again!

Customizable speaking clock
Tells you the time, the day, and weather conditions!

Unable to get going in the morning? Enable obstacles that have to be solved before the alarm finally stops!

The development of this app is supported by advertisements.
If you do not feel well with advertisements, you can purchase the “ad-free” addon in the app.

AlarmDroid user reviews :

Lack ability to select different ring tone… I purchased the ad free version thinking I would be able to select different ring tones. No joy. It is really poor as you cannot select anything beyond the default tone. The only reason for getting this app was the support for odd and even week alarms. I wanted to be able to set different ‘repeating’ alarms depending on the week. Seems to do this ok but it is also cumbersome to setup. The sound ramping and vibration does not work.

I’ve been using the pro version for years, the free version several years longer. Hardly ever had any problems with it, the last time was years ago. However, the Backup/Restore function that worked in Android 10 is not working in Android 12 any more. Alarmdroid on Android 12 is unable to read and write its configuration, whether the backup folder already exists or not. The problem seems to be the lack of “Manage all files” permission, limiting its access to media files only.

Buggy. Used to by a good app. Many years ago there was an app with the same name. It was flawless. But starting from one Android version it was not available any more. This app has the same name and similar design. But it is buggy. 1) For instance, after flipping there is a delay about 1 sec, then the sound continues, despite snooze time 5 min. 2) One more problem: The name of the selected own ring tone is not displayed, instead some number is displayed. A correct tone will be played, but you never know what ton you have selected.

I’ve been using this app as my alarm clock for many years and it’s been pretty reliable overall. Occasionally I have to force stop it when it crashes streaming my radio, or it won’t go off the next morning; but the features make it worth sticking with. I wish it had the option to start another app so I could have nature sounds for an alarm. Thanks for a great app!!!

same as others reported: worked great for years, but two instances where it didn’t go off and was almost late for work. already made sure the lock screen option is selected, worked for two weeks, then stopped. it shows that the alarm has already rang and resets to the next day. cannot trust the app, and rely on this to wake up….no point keeping the app if i’m going to second guess it working.

It was great…. until it stopped working. my alarm has not gone off the past 3 days. been late everyday. I even set one for 315 when I have to pick up my daughter. of course I’m up and aware I have to do so but, so it was a perfect time to test the alarm. sure enough I watched it go from the top of the list as if it was next to ring and slide to bottom as it had rung already WITHOUT EVER GOING OFF!

Not willing to give this a really negative review as it’s been my go to alarm for years. However it seems like the combination of Samsung s9 (or note 8/9) and android pie has caused this app to become unreliable. Obviously there needs to be an update to address this issue. Mine’s related to the flip and shake no longer working. **update. For those that are still having issues, go into settings->apps and clear the data and cache on the app under memory. Fixed my issue

Good, except that when phone rebooted, the alarms won’t go off unless you open the app first, so that’s easy forget. Also, if it had the feature to delete all unused alarms, like other alarm apps, I would give it one more star. Right now, we have to go one by one. Often ignores screen taps when editing alarms (at least on Samsung Note 9). I didn’t even think responding to touch screen was an aspect that could be messed up, since no other app EVER has had this issue. Other than that, it’s fine.

I had used this app for years and it has had its moments when it’s great and times when it’s unreliable. On my Pixel 6 Pro it goes off reliably, but has issues with the lock screen. Sometimes it seems to get stuck and needs a fingerprint to dismiss. It’s a shame it’s not being consistently updated as I did used to like the way it worked.

It allows selecting a folder of mp3 and play them randomly. The problem is once tilt starts playing there is no skip button. Sometimes I want to hear something else. The playlist option wouldn’t work saying not compatible with your version of Android. I have the latest. Please fix these two issues. Thanks

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