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Foursquare City Guide  Foursquare City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot — anywhere in the world. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go, all in one place.

Looking to check in or become Mayor of your local coffee shop? Download our sister app, Foursquare Swarm.

With Foursquare City Guide you can:

Join a community of people just like you who love to explore and seek out hidden gems.
Read short tips written by real people all over the world. (No negative rants or businesses paying for positive reviews.)
Make lists for any occasion! Keep a running to-do of neighborhood hot spots, or places you want to try while traveling.
Add tastes, rate places, and lifelog where you’ve been to get hyper-personalized recommendations.
Follow friends, brands, and influencers and uncover the best experience possible with millions of tips about off-the-menu items, speakeasy entrances, wifi passwords, and much more.
Keep a history of the places you’ve been. Never forget a memory, photo, or the name of that incredible pizza place you went to while visiting Rome.

Find exactly what you’re looking for. Faster.

A note on battery:
We’ve spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare City Guide, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Foursquare City Guide user reviews :

I have been using the app for more than 4 years. There are many problems in the app and none of them were fixed since I use it, for example you cannot edit your existing reviews, you cannot delete your ‘History’, photo tags are manual, you can’t see your full review history, there is no confirmation after uploading a photo, when you close the app and come back the app shows you not a LP but last opened page, the app asks me to agree with T&C EVERY time I open it etc

  • Hi there! We are always looking for ways to progress so we would appreciate it if you could reach out to us at with your feedback!

At least a third of the establishments listed on this app have been closed for years & it does not contain all the locations of all new restaurants & businesses. I have yet to find an app that is at least 90% accurate in finding businesses

It used to be a great app. It showed plenty of nice spots but now information is wrong. It seems like google maps is doing a better job

I’ve been using the app for about 12 years now, mainly out of ocd/habit. I would like them to remove the location settings nag screen in this app and swarm though – if I wanted location tracking enabled, I’d do it…no need to bug me about it everytime I use the apps.

This app has a strong interface that generally helps the user achieve the goal. There are a few minor changes that the app should make. If it were to change these things, it would be more likely to achieve its goal of discoverability of new places.

This app is amazing; But place details are not update; many places are permanently closed but it’s not written in foursquare. in addition; it will be very good option if you have add “The most viewed Places” in search filters.

Useful and straight to the point, recommendes places based on your preferences. I got to discover a lot of cool places thanks to this app while traveling. You can check them out in advance thanks to the photos being categorized (food, menu, place etc.) It’s a go to for me now. So much more straightforward than TripAdvisor. I warm-heartedly suggest to try it out.

For the past month or so, the app hasn’t been locating me properly. Even though my location indicator is positioned ok, the app is somehow trying to find me somewhere in the South Atlantic Ocean. When I manually zoom in to my actual location, everything is working as expected. I’m assuming the same thing is happening with Swarm as well…

Wonderful APP, it gives information about Food, Places, Natural areas wherever you travel

I’ve been having a big issue with photos not uploading to my tips and not uploading under the photos area of venues. I have tried several different times tonight and tried various different ways but no success so far. It will even say photo has been uploaded but will not show up even after searching for it several times. ‐————After looking around some more I figured out that the photos were not uploading because I had not backed them up to my device. It was a very simple thing to do.

Great for tracking places you went and places you want to visit. It’s great it can be independent or integrated with other social media. I love the map function. It shows places around the world you visited if you check in. It also has a search function if you can’t remember that great place you visited months ago.

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