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[Game] Alien Food Invasion

Alien Food InvasionThey came from the depths of a galaxy far, far away. Their plan: wipe out humanity. But from the moment they landed on your farm, everything went wrong! This is the story of a failed invasion and a great alien BBQ.

Improve your family and your farm, hunt down aliens and create delicious meals to sell them to your hungry customers. Control your beloved family members in exciting missions with trigger happy Edward, his heavily armed wife Grace and their axe wielding daughter Liz. Become rich, famous and well fed. It’s time to defeat the alien invasion!

fight evil aliens in 200 delicious missions
level up and upgrade your family members
discover powerful equipment
explore 45 crazy weapons
collect 50 tasty alien dishes
improve your weapons, armor and your food creations
plunder alien tech to increase your afk idle loot

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Alien Food Invasion user reviews :

Controlls could use a little refining, but making a twinstick shooter for mobile with smooth controls is a tall order. Motion controls and touch screen movement sticks are both awkward. I’ve never really felt screwed over by the controls, though, and the there are enough crystals that the only micro transaction I feel is really needed to fully experience the game is the permanent doggo – and that’s sub ten bucks, which is more than reasonable if you treat it like the “buy full version” option.

Fun game. Only real downside is drop rate of crystals is insanely low to the point it is very difficult to keep up with the game curve without spending a fair amount of money. A single recipe is roughly $2 worth of crystals, and a weapon is $5. I would absolutely pay for a version of the game balanced around no paid crystals.

It’s a well made game, but I think some drop rates need to be increased. The crystals feel far too rare especially at the higher levels where it’s harder to progress. It takes over 500 crystals to max a recipe but you barely get 10 a level and then you also need to level up weapons too so you need even more on top of that.

Honestly I loved the creativity and the flow of the adventure made for an excellent experience. After 5 or 7 hours of playing I got bored. But I have made lots great memories so I dont regret playing. Will probably get back on when more updates.

Not a bad little game. My only major gripe is the lack of being able to lock the movement stick in place led to really wonky movement and getting stuck, leading to unfair damage.

It’s a really fun game, only problem I have with it is that getting crystals is a bit tedious since after you finish the levels the only way to get more is watching ads or paying. And without them it’s basically impossible to progress.

A good game. It does get frustrating every so often when you have to move past a level to advance enough to get 3 stars on the one skipped, but you are eventually strong enough to get 3 stars on all levels so far.

Surprisingly good. I hope we can get some gems/crystals from offline rewards instead of just from clearing stages for the first time. Buying weapons and recipes are too costly, not to mention needing those gems for upgrading those things as well.

This game is fun and challenging please dont make it easier lol some missions u have to be smart to beat them i enjoy it also i believe the frost gun is not slowing enemies the way its suposed to please fix 5 stars ive bin loving this game thank you .. the decrease in stat points as you level kinda sux but it forces you to grind so it levels out because this game doesnt use stamina it doesnt really hurt the game A+

This game was amazing. It feels like I’m playing a PC game on my tablet. The family, the aliens, the recipes and the artstyle is just… Truly amazing. What makes it better is that all the ads in this game are optional. What a great game.

  • Hey Tristan! Thank you for your positive review. :-) Really happy that you like our game. Kindly, Martin (the developer)

Honestly such a satisfying looter shooter, graphics are clean and progression is very fair, lots of levels so plenty of things to do and it’s very easy to farm premium currency and premium ingredients. Overall great game so far!

Great game but the grind is to the point where I’m about to be done with it. You need crystals to upgrade weapons and recipes but the only way to get them is by getting a star. I doubt anyone thinks this is a good system

A really great game, fun and simple. Although slightly leaning on the cash side, its still worth it. The cash to gem ratio is a bit on the expensive side but overall still really good.

Its really good! I pre registered for the game 3-4 months ago when i saw in play store and i got really excited when i downloaded it and had so much fun!! I also like the personality of the dad,the mom and the daughter,the commanders too!i see nothing wrong with this game i hope there will be updates!keep up the good work!!!

  • Hi Javarius! Thank you for your positive review. :-) We are already working on an update. I hope you gonna like it! Best regards, Martin (the developer)

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