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Astral StairwaysIt’s our 6th anniversary! Thanks for your support.

Astral Stairways is always evolving, and we will be adding new event challenges in coming updates, also new way to power up your followers! Clear all the nightmares and save the 800 worlds, Heroes!

From the developer of bishoujo game “Cupid Bistro” and “NeveRossa”, Firedog Studio presents their macro-universe game “Astral Stairways”, featuring all the characters in their past 18 years!

Fight battles with the special 9-fields strategy one-hand control optimized for touch screens and mobile play. Summon characters from Firedog Studio universe. Develop your followers’ skills, and take them to new heights. Come and join your adventure in the Astral Realm, and save the 800 worlds!

This game is free to play and have optional in-app purchases.

The adventure in the Astral Stairways

This is an original story, featuring the big universe of all the characters in Firedog’s games. Together, they create new histories.

There are over 1400+ characters as of Nov 2019, and also hundreds of stages where you can collect new followers as well as earning energy cubes, with that you can summon new rare Followers!

New stages, challenges and even new stories are added frequently, don’t miss it!

Challenging battles

You can play casually in this turn-based battle optimized for one hand mobile play, or you can think hard about the composition, advantages and disadvantages of different followers. Swipe up or down to use super attack or charge your power! Beware! In nightmare level stages, you cannot continue the battle if you fail!

Don’t want to battle manually? No problem! Use the Auto option to have the followers fight on their own.

Power up and Evolve your followers

Groom your team by leveling, upgrading skills, changing terrain-skills and Evolve them to higher rank! Take your followers to greater heights as you battle for victory.

Get Rare Followers in Chaos and Events

In addition to the main story, you can also get Rare Followers in time-limited Chaos and special events! Don’t miss the chance!

Over 1400+ Characters

The game features numerous follower characters from Firedog universe, and original new characters created by famous illustrators like aki and BsWs. Some followers will help you when you summoned them, but some will stand in your way, defeat them to get them into your team!

Astral Stairways user reviews :

The art is really nice and the game mechanics are simple. UI is very clunky and slow. Tapping around is a bit slow & navigation might be hard for newer players. -2☆ for no proper account binding(google, FB, Twitter, or email). Because of this, getting my old acc back is impossible. (I deleted the game to make space and a few months later redownload on the same phone with the same playstore acc and I had to start fresh. Deleted immediately. Few years later I’m here dealing with that new start)

Love the game so far, been playing for 2 days now. I’m happy it’s not antagonizingly grindy, and it’s not painfully slow or hard to get good (4 star and up) “Followers”. Aside from the complaints below, I thoroughly enjoy this game. But every time I load up the game, a popup window says there is a update to download. Every time. It’s a quick 2second download. But I don’t understand why it would happen repeatedly like this •Loading screens are a bit too slow. Hopefully you’ll be able to speed up

Nice art, outdated systems that show no sign of change. Cant bind your account so if you loss your account, tough luck. And the abysmal amount of primo currency for rolls drys up pretty bad. The events are all lack luster as well. How this game is this still alive is beyond me.

It’s an ok game… not exactly the best, but it’s enough. Some menus and HUDs are crapy and sort of actually hard to understand.

Really good game, I liked it played right up to the newest update so instead of an update a new version of the game was done up so account is deleted not starting over and the recovery is too there for me to even remember so I lost all interest in wanting to start over and play anymore. 5 star but new update 1 star sorry

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