Alliance of Glory – Lead your army through these dark times

[Game] Alliance of Glory

Alliance of Glory Warfare between humans and Orc! Conquer the City and gain glory!

Real-Time fantasy strategy clash war conquers game. Choose between two races with different graphic art styles kingdoms!

Alliance of Glory is a multi-heroes SLG mobile game that focuses on real-time alliance war battles with the clash of two races. You will be fascinated by the delicate and genuine visual art effects on the world map and you can feel free to order numerous soldiers which can make you truly become a glory king.

Have you heard the dragons roar on this Treasure-rich lands? The thrones of the dragon have fallen, two races join the battle across the continent as an ancient evils rise once again. You have been chosen to conquest and protect the land full of blood and fire, lead your army through these dark times and into the light.

Unique Features

Cross-Region Clash War!
Real-time combat across up to 10 Regions clans. Will you be the true King of Arthos? We shall see!

Ally with Fellow Players!
You play with your fellow players, building your own kingdoms and training for battle troops of the two races in different clans: Orc and Human. Recruit and order classic heroes, gallop on magnificently diverse landforms and obtain rare ancient relics on clans, making your kingdoms truly eternal!

Interesting Puzzle Gameplay!
Have you ever try puzzle gameplay in your grand empire? It’s time to complete challenging goals in 20+ New puzzle dungeons! Using your strategy brainstorming to save all the heroes and kill enemies right away!

Diverse Game Strategies!
A variety of clash battle lineup combinations from 5 troop order types and more than 20 heroes! You cannot miss this if you are a true strategy war game fan who also wants to be a king!

Conquest Empire
With innovation strategies, conquer an empire and strike your mafia enemies. Sweep the battlefield or vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures. Your civilization will be built, your revenge troops already stood by. Fight with the worldwide enemy to be your initial Sultans thrones.

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NOTICE: Please have the rise in attention that Alliance of Glory is a completely free-to-play game, however, there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Alliance of Glory.

Alliance of Glory user reviews :

This game absolutely has potential however just seems like the developers don’t take players suggestions seriously. Like adding more Puzzles, more Campaign, more events for city decorations etc… just seems like they just want the money and not give their players a more enjoyable game. Been playing this game a little over a year now and no new puzzles. So I am giving it 3 stars because it has potential but the developers need to care to do something about it or they will lose players…

i’ve been emailing the developers but the glitches in the game when your upgrading your heros wont go away and causes the game to crash. unfortunately unsure if they stop trying to do patches because it’s been a while since they updated sotware.

This game had(s) potential, but one key thing makes it’s a waste of time… Lag. All forms of it, save video lag. It behaves as though it is buffering constantly, which leads to X bs you can imagine, I’m sure. I give it 3 only because it is likely host locale, which is correctible if they choose to. It is in no way client side, far too many people, from all over experience it. And it’s unbearable for the most part.

So, I think this game has potential; I enjoy the puzzles and the graphics are good, but this game does have problems. First, the frequent lag can be really irritating and I have to restart the app quite a bit while playing. Secondly, there are weird visual glitches like lines of the previous screen obscuring the current screen and screen blackouts. As, a recommendation, I think it’d be nice if more things could be bought with gold. Also, are march speedups one time or permanent? Thanks

Upgrading to a 4th star. The lag issue has gotten better. It is still there nduring combat but not as bad. The battlegrounds are full of glitches it takes so so long to get runes,and everything costs 4 times as much as games like it, such as lords mobile as an example. The game was fun at the beginning, now it is becoming stale as there have been no mention of expanding the upper limits. Once you become one of the top players, there’s just so little left to do to keep u interested.

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