Amber’s Airline 7 Wonders – Embark on the journey of a lifetime

[Game] Amber’s Airline 7 Wonders

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Amber is preparing to embark on the journey of a lifetime in Amber’s Airline – 7 Wonders!

Have you always dreamed of travelling to the 7 New Wonders of the World? Now you can! Join Amber and the girls as they fly around the world in Amber’s Airline – 7 Wonders, a brand new time management game.

In this story game, you’ll do more than assist passengers on the airplane. After being the flight attendant in the air, you’ll help your VIP travelers on the ground. Take care of their luggage, passports and safety. Make sure they have all the information and equipment they need to fully enjoy their dream vacation in the game. Put your time management skills to the test.

Although things get off to a flying start with the 7 Wonders tour, trouble soon arises for the girls. Alongside the grandeur of the Great Wall, Chichen Itza, the Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, the Colosseum, Petra and Machu Picchu, drama unfolds within the crew. Amber must rise to the occasion and help her fellow flight attendants.

This game will test your time management skills as you juggle work duties and personal relationships! And speaking of personal relationships… Amber herself faces her biggest emotional struggle ever. It’s not going to be easy. Can you help Amber?

take to the sky with the girls and experience the 7 Wonders
enjoy the same amazing game play as Amber’s Airline – High Hopes
get that travel feeling as you first fly to each location before visiting it!
let your emotions soar with a heartfelt, captivating story
explore 60 story levels and 30 challenging time management levels
unlock fabulous designs from Angela Napoli and choose what the flight attendants wear!
fasten your seatbelt for 19 travel-themed mini games
some girls love to keep a diary – read Amber’s!

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Amber’s Airline 7 Wonders user reviews :

Great game but not enough diamonds available to complete the wardrobe despite having 3 superstars for every level and mini games complete. Looking at reviews this appears to have been an issue for over a year so I hope this will be sorted as well as the missing final cut scene. If these issues could be rectified I would give 5 stars. Unfortunately I’m going to have to give it a 3 as its annoying being unable to complete all the game and missing the final scene after many hours of gameplay.

It’s a fun game. There are some bugs, I’ll have something in my tray but it wont let me deliver it, sometimes there’s a lag when I tap something. Also the achievement notices (reaching a star/diamond, or doing something a certain amount of times) stays up way too long so you can’t see the screen or a portion of it but the time is still going, I’ve lost points because I couldn’t see the mice or what the person wanted because of this notification.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear the game doesn’t work properly. You could try the following: – clear your cache – turn off all apps – restart your device – check your available memory I hope one of these works for you! If not, please mail us at ghos[at] Kind regards, GameHouse

I would definitely put this on my “best apps list”. It’s very easy to control, has clean graphics, and instantly had me addicted. But when the characters communicate, it’s literally like their reading a book. Sometimes there’s even paragraphs when they speak. And I wish you could edit your character’s name without having to restart the game. Overall, I recommend downloading!

Okay so I have completed the game. But I’m trying to unlock all the diary entries but it say I can buy the last shoes. I only I have 1 diamond left and they cost 4. I’ve checked to make sure I didn’t miss any challenges or challenge levels and all of them are earned with 3 stars. Also there are way too many ads and $9.99 is way too expensive to pay for.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I am sorry for this issue. Can you please write to us at ghos[at] with the exact issue you are having so we can look into this? Please also include the device you use and the Android version it has. Thanks for your help! Kind regards, GameHouse

This is the sequel to “Amber’s Airline: High Hopes” and seems to pick up right where the last one left off. Positives: Engaging story, cute graphics, ability to change outfits. Negatives: It seems to be impossible to get 3 yellow stars in a single turn; levels must be played 2-3 times to get to “Superstar Mode” (pink stars), which are essential to advancing. I won’t spoil the end but thought it was kind of… meh. Hopefully Amber & her friends will have more adventures!

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