Shoal of fish – Discover the magic of the deep

[Game] Shoal of fish

Shoal of fish Hungry for shark games? Start fishing!

Go fish for food as a hungry shark swimming in a shoal of fish.
You know shark games, but this one is way deeper. Swim in the shoal of fish and catch all the fish you can think of.
Take control of a predator hungry shark and hunt for a shoal of fish!
Let the fishing begin! Dive into the most relaxing game ever and discover the magic of the deep.

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Eat fish to keep your energy high, and beware of the big hungry shark out to get you.
How do you do it? Go fish…

Shoal of fish user reviews :

So let me start with the positive. The game mechanics are easy to use, the picture quality is great and has the makings of a really nice peaceful game to pass the time. However, the ads kill this game. Each level takes maybe 15 seconds ds to beat and the ads take at least 30 seconds and you have to watch one every game level. And if you decide to select the booster ad (may as well if you have to watch and ad) the game glitches and gives you nothing for the round. Great concept terrible execution

This game would get five stars if it weren’t for the ads. I don’t mind the optional ads to get bonuses, but ads after every round is annoying. They’re skippable so far though. Aside from that, great game! It’s fun, and very satisfying to watch the swirls of fish. There are obtainable goals that get more challenging as your skills increase, and very relaxing music and background. It’s fun to unlock the different skins, and the shark is fairly easy to control. Well done, Just cut down on the ads.

Has a lot of potential, but filled with ads. It is visually appealing to look at from the pictures but while playing the spotlights are too bright. The virbration is really annoying but without it the gameplay seems really dull. The level system i really dislike. I was on the expectation of a semi-open world game, hunting fish and exploring, upgrading yourself as you go. It would be a lot better that way. The music is calming. Lowering the graphics helps a lot when playing, so there’s less lag.

Honestly, the game looks so relaxing and fun, and the graphics are simple yet beautiful. But the issue lies with ads. The core mechanic of the game is to eat a bunch of fish to level up. Every time you level up, though, you get an ad, and you level up every 30 seconds or so (early game, at least; I stopped playing after the tenth ad, and I had only been playing for five minutes). Really sucks… Change the ad situation, and it’ll be a worthwhile game. As it stands, it’s near unplayable.

Not a game, an ad farm. There are bammer ads across the bottom of the screen constantly and a full-screen ad will play after every “level”/”day” that you can skip after about 5 game play. However, each day is only about 20 seconds worth of gameplay. There is no option to pay to disable ads, which is likely intentional. Thus, this is not a game, it’s an ad farm. I will still give it 2 stars, because it is ever so slightly enjoyable.

An absolutely perfect concept. Though, it’s execution is lackluster. It is very true, when encountering mass amounts of entities, this fame with lag and buffer. For such a simplistic game, it would seem that the lag is not influenced by how good or bad your phone is. Though I’m sure it has its grievance, it seems this game is unable to handle itself. Either way, with an update, this game may be quite big. Lovely music, lovely color pallet, and a progression system that is simple and fun to play.

I think I would generally enjoy this game if it weren’t for the constant ad farming. It ran smoothly and everything, but I’m removing it because if your round takes more than 15 seconds, you’ll get an ad with no reward attached, while also having the option of watching them for upgrades. I get wanting to make revenue but it’s such a common problem anymore that I consider it an intentional problem rather than something the dev didn’t realize would be so annoying.

So far, I’ve played 3 levels and after each level there’s an ad, even after saying I don’t want the multiplier. This game would be, “SO ADDICTIVE” as facebook said, if I wasn’t bombarded with ads. (-1 Star) This means I just turn my internet off to play and don’t get me wrong, I would watch ads to get bonuses but not right after I watched an ad for no reason. (-1 Star) Due to the amount of fish, the game is really laggy. There are points in time my phone freezes a good 3-5 seconds.

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