Among Gods – Darkness spreads across the land

[Game] Among Gods

Among GodsLead your own squard to fight against Gods and Evils in the fantasy RPG adventure with 100+ heroes all over the legend.

As the protector of humans, the God of Light fell into decline while the God of Darkness began to rise.

Darkness spreads across the land, tempting countless heroes with its evil. The land is on the verge of destruction. To save the land, you fight alongside hundreds of legendary heroes from kinds of factions. Train your own gods to become your ultimate fighters and conquer the darkness to become the legendary squard.

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Outstanding 3D scenes and hero models, full-display design and details.
Visceral 3D artwork that truly immerses you within this RPG adventure.

Ascend your heroes by raising stars and developing their talents. Equip them with powerful gear and relics. Level up and prepare them for different battles.

Team up with epic history heroes among gods as your ultimate fighters. Defeat enemies and demons for EXP, gear, loot, and special drops.

Create a five-hero-strong team to fight through dozens of challenging PvE bosses. Rank them up to unleash Bond buff and special skills. Dominate the stage with your unique combat style.

Summon hundreds of epic heroes through gacha collecting in the Tavern.
Unlock hero images from the five factions (Justice, Evil, Neutral, Holy and Corrupt) in your Gallery.

Story Campaign, The Heroic Crusade, Arena, Stonehenge, Nightmare Challenge, The Trial of Truth, and Guild Bosses, Dragon, among all other gods. Rich gameplay and various battlefields await you.


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Among Gods user reviews :

Its a fun game to waste time. There is no communication period so if you like to chat with guild or friends skip. Championship challenge is a reminder that cash is key. This game is like eating a meal with great flavor but no side dishes, no dessert, in an empty restaurant that is extremely expensive. After doing your quick dailies, you look around like “can I get the check.”

It looks good and controls are easy to understand and use. Lots of characters. Several different ways to battle and collect a multitude of items. No real story line, no journey. Just a group of characters battling another group of characters or your group of characters battles a single boss type character. Although, this can be entertaining at first; it becomes tedious grinding after a few days and the entertainment value eventually falls of a cliff.

Game is okish. I like the heroes and the era where is set but it is so annoying how the heroes move in straight lines like robots. They move only to the left or in front on the battlefield,it has no diagonal pathing and the camera also moves weird when there are enemies in the backline. It looks very cheap. Also the animatios are not impressive as well. We will see in the future how it will evolve

The game play of Among Gods is borrows most of its game play elements from AFK Arena, but with much better visuals. So far they are not throwing new every more powerful heroes at you every week or so like AFK started to do, so in this regards it is much better. Progress without paying is very slow. I’ve paid for 2 subscriptions and bought several offers, and I’ve still hit a frustrating wall. If they can improve the game balance I’d give it 5 stars.

I really enjoyed the story at first, but then… grinding the game still good tho. The current graphic, story, and background music, and control satisfy me up to this point. However, the interface is still buggy sometimes (not too often) & we still can’t block the scam spammer on chat. I’m sure it will be fixed on the upcoming update(s). All and all, I think this game is a great one to try and has a potential to be a greater game.

Game is just at it’s preliminary stage so it’s not perfect. It’s certain that there’s vast room for improvement for the game and let’s give the a chance to address those demands and suggestions. My 1st impression is good in regards to gameplay & graphics but have to agree there’s a lot that the game could & could’ve offer. Hoping for the best. And also the game has one of, if not the worst pity system I’ve seen.

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Definitely a strong competition to RAID. if not a better alternative outright. You don’t have to be a whale and mr.monopy to feel like you can make any progress. Played for awhile already and yet to hit a paywall or any wall really. The game gives you all sorts of ways to improve and get new heroes and gear. Awesome game and glad I took a chance on it. Recommend

A quite “stable” game I’d say. Graphic is okay. Fight is quite straightforward (depending on your power) and doesn’t really need strategy most of the time. Loot is not that hard to get. Levelling system is okay and it’s not that hard to get loot fo levelling. The grind is not that hard and I like it that way. Might get harder the further I go.

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