Arcana Twilight – Meet the charming Sorcerers

[Game] Arcana Twilight

Arcana Twilight Let’s connect the stars together!
Meet the charming Sorcerers in the mesmerizing place of Arcana Twilight!
A brand new Roleplay dating otome simulation game with 6 charming Sorcerers to love!

Daily text messages & phone calls from characters you love.
Go on a date and complete quests to gain intimacy with the characters.
Welcome to Gacha Life! Collect cards, level them up and decorate your deck.
Endless Scout events! Check out gorgeous illustration cards and make them yours!
Win the card battles! Mix & match for an undefeatable card combo to defeat the monsters!
Enjoy the magical universe the Sorcerers are living in. What happens in Arcana Twilight stays in there!

Welcome back to Arcana Twilight, Summoner!

A day when the sky comes tumbling down, and the stars are falling.
When the signs of disaster open their eyes,
You will be talking about us.
Welcome back,
This is the end of the world, Bound Arlyn, the place looked after by the constellation.
Take a good look. See for yourself what a ragged world this is.

Reverse Harem Roleplay Otome Dating Game
You’ve fallen into the end of the world, Bond Arlyn, surrounded by 6 charming Sorcerers!
Find out the secrets behind the fantasizing mystery of Arcana Twilight and enjoy the magical otome game that you have never experienced before!

Arcana Twilight is for those who…
Want to play an otome game while enjoying roleplay simulation

Want to enjoy building relationships with characters in game
Are interested in anime or manga
Want to collect fascinating illustration cards
Want to be a master of card battles
Want to check out the exciting universe of Arcana Twilight
Want to interact with characters and gain intimacy with them
Want to go on a date with charming characters of Arcana Twilight
Are interested in Arcana Twilight Universe
Want to receive daily calls and texts from characters
Want to enjoy card gacha
Are interested in playing reverse harem genre game

Contact: cs[at]

Arcana Twilight user reviews :

Love it very much, the graphics are absolutely lovely and the the gameplay is easy and smooth. The plot seems very interesting. There are some typos and misspellings here and there, also the game consumes my phone battery extremely fast. Overall, a great game, glad I downloaded it!

Some texts in chat are translated so badly that it’s hard to comprehend. In stage battles, when the character meters are filled all the way, the burst button shows up. I could click this button so many times, and the character still doesn’t burst. And I end up losing or getting less than 3 stars on the battle. Other than that, this is a pretty good game. There’s good art and the story is interesting. I really like the tutorial at the beginning, it’s very helpful.

If you like Obey Me, you’ll probably like this game. The art style, especially for the cards, is gorgeous, and the story has a lot of promise. Although, the battle animations seem really janky, and it’s difficult to tell what are the good responses for visits. Also, there are some typos and formatting erros, such as words not being spaced when it should be. Overall, it’s not bad, but there can definitely be improvements. I’m just staying for Vega

it is easy to understand and the story is interesting, but i would like it if the chapters were more connected (since most of the time the flow of the chapter is interrupted and then u get past it with little to no interfering from us). And i dont know if its just my device but i’ve been having problems from time to time with the options of claiming and battle, it doesnt let me press them and i end up having to re start the app.

The visuals of the game are all pretty, the UI is easy to navigate, and all in all, a pretty solid game, though I personally don’t like the look of the battle sequence. Other than the fact some translations are off, it’s a good game with nice characters that have unique designs. It’s difficult to get stronger in game though, as money can get used up pretty quickly, though with all the stamina gained in the beginning it’s not half bad grinding. Just wish the game was easier to read.

So far my experience with the game is good, I love the artstyle, the characters and the plot is interesting(although it isn’t new) but this game still needs alot of work. It looks too similar to obey me and the battles in the game are.. not good tbh, It would be better if the animations ran more smoothly and to not have the battles’ so slow and end so abruptly. Sometimes the english is a bit iffy and confusing, there are some typos but nothing major. Overall it was okay.

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