Ancient Seal – The ancient war between good and evil broke out

[Game] Ancient Seal – The Exorcist

Ancient SealIn the ancient era full of chaos, the world was not yet clear and everything was shrouded in fog.

When the original fire ignited, the world began to awaken. Heat and cold, life and death, light and darkness, these opposite and unified elements, began to shape the world.

The original fire brought not only life and civilization, but also the desire for power and the ambition for domination.
Under the influence of desire and ambition, the ancient war between good and evil broke out.

Exquisite Picture
Unique and beautiful picture quality as same as that of PC game, gorgeous light effect rendering, advanced 3D art, and magnificent buildings coming into view, allowing players to immerse themselves in this Xianxia world.

Sky fighting
Fly with a dragon and fight with enemies in the sky to experience the ultimate excitement and freedom, and become a legendary fighter in the sky!

Massive Battle
A hundred-person melee, guild duel, and seizing the BOSS! Strategy and teamwork can determine win or lose. Only by conquering other opponents can you become a legendary hero on the battlefield and compete for glory and dominance!

Transform into a God
Players can gain the power of Gods through major tasks, transform into the Gods, obtain their exclusive skills, fight against demons, and experience extraordinary battles!

Leisure Gameplay& Home Building
In the leisure time, to build and decorate your own space. You can also invite friends to visit your home, grow vegetables and play game together.

Ancient Seal user reviews :

This game looks very beautiful, with nice scenery, and equally pretty music. However, I wish the game was more immersive, and gave a better tutorial to guide players on each button, and currency so we know what is important. Even a way to earn premium items, as of course everyone wants more cosmetics to personalize their character. More player interaction to meet others and team up.

  • Thanks for your comment. We will keep optimizing our game and provide better gaming experience

I think it’s okay in ways, but in others, it needs slightly better graphics like it’s real cinematical graphics, it’s overpriced on some things so they can be greedy on items, so far so good just that it needs more fighting pvp and pve events, the story to it seems okay, but that’s just my opinion. I do skip it a bit too much more than I should, but that’s only because I’m in a rush to get things done so I have better equipment (trying to catch up with the f2p players).

It has an interesting concept but struggles with a confusing interface and clunky controls. New players may find it hard to navigate the game. Additionally, performance issues on older devices can be frustrating. Improving the interface and optimizing the game would greatly enhance the user experience.

3 stars only because it looks like fun, and I was able to get passed the character creation phase. However, I can’t even play the game right now since it’s crashing whenever I try to log in to the server. Also, there could be more to the character designing phase, such as changing eye color, more hair colors and styles, etc.

  • Hello, for your issue, it is suggested that you could contact our fb support for help. Thank you.

The graphic on ad tempt me to download, though the graphic is not as per the ad.. but it also not bad.. you got good device. It runs smooth as ever.. still very cinematic and all the places on maps got fantasy vibes. But most importantly the gameplay is fun and got me hooked. If you want a game that can give you a balance life. This is it.

So far, I am enjoying this game. The screen is a bit cluttered but it is f2p but have patience. Grinding only goes so far per day until reset, which is kind of a good thing as it makes you take a break. Definitely hours worth of fun. A more in depth character customization system would be amazing.

Beautiful game, has some lag issues but nothing crazy. Adjust graphics and it runs okay. I would suggest creating the ability to move while in combat, like being able to move and attack in one fluid motion instead of being stuck standing still to use a skill

  • Thanks for your comment. We will keep optimizing our game and provide better gaming experience

The game is good enough though the story line feels too rushed like it’s trying to just get the player from point A to B as fast as possible. When going through missions I can’t find a map cause after I completed every level up task there was nothing to do and no enemies to grind since bosses need tickets to keep going after them

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