Hidden Bay Museum – Journey through beautifully designed scenes

[Game] Hidden Bay Museum

Hidden Bay MuseumPlay as Rose, the newly appointed museum director in Hidden Bay and go on a hidden object adventure!

Hunt for hidden objects and journey through beautifully designed scenes. Fill your exhibits with artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Rome, the Ice Age and more!

Complete the hidden object levels, advance the story and meet fun characters on your adventure! Zoom in on the scenes to help find tricky objects and use hints or powerups if you get stuck.


Find hidden objects in hundreds of beautiful scenes
Place artifacts in your museum exhibits
Zoom and pan the scenes to find objects
Meet fun characters and advance the story
Enjoy a wide variety of levels with different themes
Spin the daily prize wheel after level 10!
Use powerful boosters to help find objects

Download Hidden Bay Museum today and start your hidden object adventure!

Hidden Bay Museum user reviews :

Best Hidden Object Game….I can’t stop!! The graphics are great. It has a super cute storyline/ characters with short interactive parts that you can skip but you won’t want to. There are some ads but not as much as most. I paid the $10 for the unlimited/no ads. It was a safe buy and worth it – less than a Happy Meal x2 and there are levels galore!

This game is both simple and complex. Mostly frustrating. When I finally learn where 20 to 30 things are in shadows, it changes, or picture turns upside down, or they put the items to find spelled backwards, or 1 item to find is the 1 I have not found and they request it on game after game. Some times I play 20 games to make 1 point. Every time you make a point, picture changes and you have to learn where each item is hiding again. Game is good at hiding. Enlarge screen, use screen brightner.

  • Hi Becky, thank you for the positive review and detailed feedback! We have a lot of different game modes so the game stays exciting, fresh and challenging as you progress. We hope you’re managing to collect plenty of boosters to help you through those challenging levels!

I would love to finish playing the game but the constant ads have ruined it for me. You get an ad after everything! Finish a puzzle? Ad! Try to go back to the museum? Ad! It’s literally after every screen! You can’t transition to a different part of the game without an ad! If it wasn’t for the constant onslaught of ads I’d really enjoy the game, the characters and nice, the story is interesting, the furniture is cute, and the game play is easy, it’s just the amount of ads ruins all of that.

  • Hi Lou, thanks for providing insightful feedback. The only time you’ll see an ad is after you finish a level, unless you’ve chosen to watch an ad in exchange for a reward of some kind. These ads help us continue developing the game and provide it to you for free. You can remove ads for a small fee, and this also supports the game. Thanks!

This is such a cute game! The graphics are pleasant and the corny jokes are great Lots of ads, but I just close and reopen the game to get around that. Some rooms are a little too dark which makes finding objects a tad difficult, but otherwise it’s an easy game. I like the additional challenges where one can easily earn power ups and extra energy. Overall I love this game!

  • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and rate our game! We’re glad you’re having fun, and we’re in the process of releasing new story and levels very soon.

You have awesome graphics, sometimes I have anto play the game twice, but it’s pretty easy. Definitely a keeper until I got to 56 but probably higher. The Jurassic period. There are not 12 items to find only 11. I will uninstall eventually because it takes up too many mgb’s to just sit in my phone. When there are many other games like this. I do not want to start a different game after spending so much time on this one. I do expect a response and help fixing this bug my phone. Thank you

  • Thanks for taking the time to write detailed feedback. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game so far! Please get in touch with us via the settings > support form and we’ll investigate this issue for you and have you playing the game again in no time.

I would give you guys five stars…if you would stop closing off the game! This is the second time you guys cut off the playing or continuing any other levels on me! I love this game…with the combination of hidden objects and building a museum, it’s pure genius. But you guys keep taking it out of commission. I paid money the last time…and you had me start all over again. For now I am only giving you 3 stars.

  • Hi Roger. The next chapter of the story is coming very soon, so stay tuned! If you experienced an issue where you had to restart the game / related to a purchase you made, please contact us via the in-game support form (in the settings menu) with more details and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Thanks!

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