Andoku Sudoku 2 – For beginners and professionals alike

[Game] Andoku Sudoku 2

Andoku Sudoku 2  Andoku Sudoku 2 is an outstanding sudoku number puzzle game with an intuitive user interface for beginners and professionals alike.

It offers 6 sudoku variations, 8 levels of difficulty and comes with a total of 10,000 puzzles. All sudoku puzzles have a unique solution that can be discovered without guessing.

Game variations:

Standard Sudoku
Hyper Sudoku
Percent Sudoku
Color Sudoku
Squiggly Sudoku (Jigsaw)

Key features:

Pencil marks
Several input modes
Unlimited undo and redo
Portrait and landscape mode
Supports phones and tablets

The game can be configured to offer as much or as little assistance as you like.

Assistance options include:

Automatic error checking
Automatic pencil mark removal
Highlighting to reveal patterns

This version is supported by ads.

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Andoku Sudoku 2 user reviews :

I find the user interface to be much easier than some other sudoku games. And while some may prefer not to use the the highlighting feature, I find that it makes casual play more fun because it requires less intensive concentration.

This is several sudoku games in one game. This is fun for everyone without a chance of boredom. I recommend this for anyone who has an interest in playing or learning the game.

lovely game keeps your brain working

Depending on your mood, or tiredness, or just any excuse for some calming non-violent games, as opposed to zombie killing alien Mafia sleeze type of game, you can play at a simple level, which takes your mind of the daily pressures of work, or being with your family 24/7. Or you can get on to the really fiendish levels of all the different game types. I love it, and have not stopped playing it, even in the “Office” and the Directors Chair” as it were! Download it now, you won’t be disappointed!

A brainpower building app that doesn’t (DOES NOT) force you to watch an ad after every puzzle completion. The developer provides a setting>advertisements option to choose an ad banner at the bottom of the screen instead of the “traditional” irritating full size advertisements. Good job, developer. There is the traditional puzzle and several other layouts with an easy-to-change degree of difficulty. This dev has a newer Sudoku app out that lets you import printed puzzles. The UI / UX is great.

Works well and has a simple traditional Sodoku layout with smart features and reasonable ads that don’t sit on the game screen.

Great for playing while waiting. Just wish there was a way to select a digit once and fill possible spaces without having to select the same digit everything every time. Auto fill needed too. But great game. Love the fact there are very few ads!!

I’ve tried several different sudoku apps over the years, but none of them have been a simple and straight forward as this one. I’ve played it so much that I had to erase my local data, so I start playing through them again.

Wonderful game yet challenging, nice and easy to use interface!!!

Great, simple app. I like to play this when I’m waiting for any reason, and right before bed to wind down.

Love that user can turn off the highlight colors with a touch as needed so they do not distract. Love the choice to high light pencil marks or not. Love the ability to pause. This is my favorite of all the Suduko games I’ve tried, almost like it was created just for me. I figured out how to delete the data so no problem now. But it would be nice to have that option programmed into the app one day!

I like it. There are different types of puzzles, which make it more interesting. There are also many levels, which make it more challenging. The controls are easy to use. When you check you progress, you can see if there is a mistake or not without filling all the squares first, unlike other sudoku apps I played. A great way to pass time.

It offers several different types of puzzles to challenge you. Puzzles have several levels of difficulty (I believe there maybe 7 or 8 if not more, it’s been some time since I’ve gone past the 4th level of difficulty). I love this game and the features it has. I won’t upgrade to the 3 as this challenges me with many different variations of the game and different skill levels. Highly recommended for those who want a different challenge periodically.

Fantastic! Wide variety of Sudoku games. Very well designed. Easy-to-use. I highly recommend.

Love this app, but since ad free version is out now I had to jump ship! Ad free is even better! :))) Thanks for all the great work! Stock GS2 running 4.0.4 :)

Asus Padfone Mäng toimib ka ilma rahata eduliselt. Suur tänu! See on väga hea vahend oma aju töökorras hoidmiseks. Minule ta meeldib.

De todos los que me he descargado, este es el que mas me ha gustado, esta muy bien hecho :)

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