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[Game] Urban Rivals

Urban RivalsUrban Rivals : The acclaimed card game is now on tablets and mobile devices.

Be sure to return to town… or simply try it out!

dynamic gameplay style
7 game modes (FreeFight, EFC, Survivor, Training, Arcade, Coliseum and customized events)
hundreds of challenging missions
4 minutes of play time per battle
14 unlockable Leader cards
27 clans
mini deck building
Google Play services integration

Learn more about UrbanRivals and our Comics series on www.urban-rivals.com

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Urban Rivals user reviews :

Great game as always, but collection UI is bad, like i cannot choose the deck i want to edit. After pressing the selection deck button, it just stuck there and can’t be removed. Please fix that.
  • Acute Games
  • Hi Samuel ! thx for the feed back, the bug is now fixed !
not a pay to win, many improvment past year in order to improve gameplay for players. Good game, and good crew, with active forums.
  • Acute Games
  • thx a lot huss !
Use to play back in the day. My account seems to have lost all cards and credits. Spent a decent amount of money too.. oh well. Not a bad game if you get to keep all your cards.
  • Acute GamesApril 8, 2020
  • Please contact our customer service here: contact[at]boostr.net Thx a lot
As my first detailed review: Throughout years, the ONLY game I always come back is Urban Rivals. The beauty of this game is that someone who is level 20 can beat someone who is level 200. Tons of characters. Tons of clans. And most importantly tons of players.
  • Acute Games
  • Thx a lot Kwan, very much appreciated! Stay tuned for next update!
Great game however I am coming back after about 7 years and have realised a lot of my old cards are gone I had stockpiled a lot of them but now I am coming back to about 8 total cards and I’m a little confused spent over $200 in packs land am just curious on what may have happened.
  • Acute Games
  • Hi there! and thx for the feedback Feel free to contact the customer service, they will help you for sure!

Best Card game around. Can play all day or just 10 mins depending on your schedule. Been playing with my kids since launch. Fun for the whole family and easy to understand. Thx guys and keep up the good work

I loved it over 10 years ago as a browser game and love it even more now UR proves to be one of those games that keeps me coming back and to know my old account is still live after all this time is awesome

On the computer version, when you had over double your opponents strength, it would do a flashy clan move as the finisher. I would like you guys to bring that back in the mobile version. Seeing that was REALLY satisfying. Of course this game gets 5 stars anyways.

One of my top TCGs. Very well done with original ideas and mechanics. Deck building is a little hard with the mobile interface, but if I just make my switches on pc everything else is great on mobile.

Still fun never gets boring.. wondering when i will be able to sell through app and will it be like the ipod one? But with lottery tab

The game is great but the only bad thing is that you can’t choose your own cards when your about to battle someone and this causes me to lose alot because I barely get any of my good cards when I need them the most.

Last Update April 17, 2020 :

VORTEX – HIVE ARENAS (not animated yet)

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