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Andy Volcano


Swap office drudgery for exotic adventure and mystery in this fun puzzle game. Match 3 tiles to clear the board and progress through the exciting story. If you like adventure games with intrigue, humor and challenging puzzles, you’re bound to fall in love with Andy Volcano!


To the lighthouse: Bored of his office job and tired of life in the big city, Andy decides to take a vacation and visit his beloved grandfather on the island where he spent much of his childhood. When he arrives at the start of the game, however, he finds the island has fallen into disrepair, and Grandpa has vanished without trace…
To the rescue: Andy sets out to solve the mystery and find his elderly relative, and in the process, he’ll meet a colorful cast of characters and travel to all points of the compass, taking you as the game progresses on a thrilling journey that combines intrigue, humor, and a whole load of entertainment.
To the hardware store: Andy’s not just trying to find his Grandpa, he’s also intent on restoring the lighthouse to the cozy home he remembers from childhood and the whole island to its former glory. Andy’s not the world’s greatest handyman, but once he teams up with a wandering landscape gardener, there’s no stopping them! Get decorating and create an island paradise with Andy and Candy.
Back to the puzzle board: To progress through the chapters of the game’s story and to make the repairs the island needs, you’ll need to earn stars, and to do that you’ll need to play fun mahjong-style matching games. Solve each puzzle by matching tiles in threes and clearing the board to get your precious star and unlock new content.
Give Andy a booster: The game has a unique system of boosters to help you solve match 3 games. Earn boosters as you play and use them wisely to ensure you can get through even the most difficult puzzle levels and enjoy the next part of the entertaining story.

Looking good: Unlike many mobile games in the genre, Andy Volcano boasts first-class animation that draws on classic cartoons for style and humor, bringing the story alive and ensuring your time in the game isn’t just entertaining, it’s always a visual treat too.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable puzzle adventure game that can fill up a quick break during the day or keep you entertained for hours when you have time, Andy Volcano could be the match for you. Download this quirky, fun tiles game now, and help Andy reunite with his beloved Grandpa. The adventure is just beginning…

Andy Volcano user reviews :

Pretty fun game if you like the genre! Didn’t enjoy having to load back in to the “main screen” every two levels (and only if you choose to continue). Would have preferred to keep going, especially since it takes multiple puzzles to do anything in that main screen. Would have played longer if not for that.

First the story is presented as if one is a preschooler with little concept of good story design. Thus there’s little to keep one invested. The second issue with the story is it’s enless drivel with no sign of true progress or a potential end, & seems like an endless narrative to simulate progress. The game is trivial unless one doesn’t catch the stack positions, & then it can become a pure guessing game on some levels. The tools exist to overcome this, but the storyline isn’t worth it.

Would be good but every 2 or 3 levels there’s just ads to continue. You don’t get anything for them, and they pop up even if you opt to skip the “bonus coins” for watching them, and there’s no way to buy out of them.

Love the game, Waiting for more chapters… Does what happens next? Candy? All that said please fix, and I’ll give back the stars… I finished the new chapter. But now, it won’t let me have the app open. It gets barely past the opening screen and then is it just shuts the game off and I end up back at my phone home. Do to not fixing the issue I am uninstalling

Nice Experience. I enjoy the matches even while waiting for updates. Some matches are easy and some are not and I enjoy them. It is relaxing. I read the reviews and understand because waiting for the story to update can be hard. Yet the storyline is only part of the game. I play Gems of War, and this game helps me with Gems of War. You want a 3 match game that will challenge your brain, try to survive Gems of War. Anyway, this game is worth the wait for the storyline to update.

I mean, the fact that it gives you a “rewind” button to FAST FORWARD through a cut scene should tell you exactly what you’re in for. It’s not challenging at all, and there is not much thought put into it. So. If you’re looking for something mindless to just tap and play. It’s for you.

I like the game but there’s too many ads and they don’t even offer a buyout option. It’s starting to get really annoying. I don’t mind watching a few ads here and there to get things now and then but there’s ads all the time. Other than that I love it. Great graphics, cute storyline, so far, and the game is fun.

Recently tried to get back into the game and move on through the story but now the tournament results won’t let me continue because it wants me to open tournament and play through rounds but the results are up and no rounds unless it clears which it can’t because it keeps dragging me straight into the tournament menu

It’s a good game to start with. ( A little challenging,but like said, it’s just beginning. An awesome game it is. Anyone who has time for the game, download this app. You won’t regret it. How people are so busy nowadays, everyone should take a break now & then. Enough said for now. Bye Bye. Lol.

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