Subway Surfers Blast – Unveil new wonders every day

[Game] Subway Surfers Blast

Subway Surfers BlastMatch, blast and decorate with your favorite characters from the Subway Surfers universe!

Solve the puzzles and unveil new wonders every day.

Billions of fans all over the world have been asking for more Subway Surfers games – now we are answering your call with Subway Surfers Blast, a blast matching game. Solve fun free puzzles, collect stars, decorate your hangout, and much more, even in offline game modes!


Team up with Jake, Yutani, Fresh or Tricky and blast your way through challenging free puzzles. Connect and crush colorful cubes to charge up for even more powerful effects, and make good use of amazing boosters.

Join the crew on their journey to turn drab dens into cool cribs and expand their base of operations, Skate Haven. Match and blast tiles to solve free puzzles, progress through matching game levels, and unlock unique items to decorate your hangout.

Help your Subway Surfers crew become the best. Team up with your friends, send and receive lives, and complete tile match levels to climb the ranks. Participate in team tournaments to unlock cool rewards.

Crush the matching game levels with legendary Subway Surfers Charged Powers like the Super Sneakers, Pogo Stick, Hoverboard, and Jetpack.

Join the gang and tour endless locations, bringing the spaces to life by solving bold and colorful free puzzles. Collect moments from the Subway Surfers crew’s lives as you complete areas and watch the action unfold.

Jake and the crew are ready to play the matching game, anytime, anywhere – even offline! Play tile match for 2 minutes or 2 hours – Subway Surfers Blast is the break you deserve.

Need a boost? Subway Surfers Blast is a fast track to instant fun you can reach for any time of the day. Download and start solving puzzles today! It’s completely free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

What are you waiting for? Join Jake and the Subway Surfers crew and team up with your friends in Subway Surfers Blast!

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Subway Surfers Blast user reviews :

At first, I loved the game. It’s addictive and fun, with beautiful graphics and character animation. There are plenty of goals to work towards with a real feeling of achievement when you complete an area. BUT after quickly progressing to level 63, it became obvious you cannot progress without in-game purchasing additional blast items. When the level auto resets the board due to no more options after only three moves (the only three moves you can make), you know it’s a cash grab.

A game for all ages and actually fun to play, a standard bubble pop game, but has elements that make it enjoyable. The game does not interrupt every moment, and does not slam you into advertisement after advertisement. The game elements (being for all ages especially) and being F2P friendly is what give this game the 4th star in my opinion.

It’s a good game, although it could be a little laggy sometimes, it’s fine! I think u could add a bit more rewards after you complete a level, but it’s great overall, it’s my first time playing and only through a few levels, I’ll update once i get more used to it.

It’s awesome, the new style on the characters is so colorful and bright, i love it :D. I like the mechanic of winning levels to build up stuff, the music is lovely too. I highly recommend it if you wanna play a casual game to spend some time on it.

I was no joke checking every couple of days to see if this game was available I was that excited for it and then I got a notification saying it was available and I instantly downloaded it and I love it. It’s so much fun. I love these types of puzzle games, and also, when I run out of lives in subway surfers match, I start playing subway surfers blast, perfect mix. The graphics of the locations in this game are so good.

Everything is good. Apart from that the block designs and the hub layout and everything are all looking a bit too similar to other games. I hope they make some better designs for the blocks and everything so they can relate more to the Endless runner Subway Surfers

  • We really appreciate your feedback. Can you tell us what we would need to do to get 5 stars from you? For any issues with the game or for additional feedback, check out our FAQ or contact us at: We love hearing feedback and ideas from our players!

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