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Animal Revolt Battle SimulatorSANDBOX

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the ultimate physics-based battle simulator sandbox! Place two opposing armies made of different types of beasts and watch them tear each other apart in an epic battle! As the creatures fight, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, and bodies flying around everywhere!

Huge variety of creatures: T-Rex, spinosaurus, triceratops, tiger, bear, elephant, rhinoceros, werewolf, minotaur, wyvern, hydra, spartan warrior, archer, titanoboa, giant crocodiles, hellhound, giant insects, skeleton warriors and many more units to play with! Dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, mutant primates, demonic monsters, you can find it all here!

You can even attach weapons to the animals! Put some huge guns, rocket launchers, and crossbows on a T-Rex and watch the havoc it wreaks!


Create your own custom monsters by combining different body parts and weapons.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility! Attach as many body parts and weapons as you want, anywhere you want!

You can save your creations for later use!


Test your tactical and strategic expertise in the campaign mode. Pick the right beasts, place them in the right place, and command them to defeat the enemy.

The most expensive army doesn’t always win. Units have strengths and weaknesses. Find out what they are and use that knowledge to your advantage on the battlefield!

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator user reviews :

this game is ok. problems like the hydra and me buying the first 4 reptiles all in a pack and got none of them. also, you should have the ability to buy everything separately. and also with the packs, also. some of the stages are way too hard and some enemys go past the build limit for you. that is weird but there are some pros. first this is a lot like tabs but with more variety. and the aquatics. I always had loved sea creatures. so the aquatics was really cool. too expensive tho. add a whale.

Thanks for fixing the “buying with gold” bug but there are more bugs even before this was fixed. First, when you scale a raptor up, when it is about to jump, it doesn’t want to! Second, make sure when you watch an ad for double the daily gold you make it so you only tap once. Also add hybrids to the game! Like the jurrasic world ones. With these I think the game will blow up! If you know what I mean

Great game, love the physics and the fact that it’s just like the ads show. Two small problems though. A lot of animals in the sandbox mode will stand still and not do anything or just fall over if you make them too small or too big. Also, after the most recent update, I can’t buy animals in the sandbox mode with gold. It doesn’t do anything when I press the button to buy the animal with gold, only the option for real money works. Please fix this, but overall, great game.

  • We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We have already fixed this issue. If you are having problems purchasing units with gold, please update to the latest version of the game now. If you still encounter an error, let us know by contacting support_arbs[at]

Great game, many animals, lots of challenging campaign levels, and maps. Many problems however, I got ripped off on the salmon, piranha, and orca. I bought it for 1500 gold bars and I was expecting to get all three, but I ended up only getting the orca. The game itself is just really buggy in general too, when you watch the ads in the shop for gold bars sometimes the ads don’t show up and you would have to keep pressing to get an ad. The Hydra always disappears too after a match is over.

  • Our apologies for the inconvenience. You can select the item you purchased and it should restore what you bought. If it doesn’t and it tells you to purchase again, please send us your receipt showing the order number and email us at support_arbs[at] so we can assist you further.

Would love to change my rating to 5 as these upcoming problems are fixed in future updates. But I have paid for no ads and still get them randomly here and there. Also when I *do* want to watch ads for free gold the game wont load any. Other than that it’s incredibly fun! However i dont see myself playing it as much until this ad problem is fixed. Thanks so much for the game, looking forward to updates! *Edit: Ads as of now are now not showing at all which is great, contacting for gold ads soon

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at support_arbs[at] with your details. Include the device you use and when you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

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