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[Game] TerraGenesis Landfall

TerraGenesis Landfall

Experience humanity’s next giant leap with TerraGenesis: Landfall!

Bring life to another world and build the first human settlement in space. Recruit settlers, train and level up their skills, build facilities, manage resources and keep your residents happy and healthy.

Bring a New World To Life
Create, sustain and build a new society in space as you lead the way for a new future for mankind. Start from a boot print in the dirt and evolve your new world into a thriving city of thousands. Design your city to allow habitation and survival, then expand your culture and capabilities to go beyond what anyone dreamed possible on the barren planet!

Manage Resources
As your city grows you’ll need to balance resource production with the needs of the growing community. You will need to plan ahead and figure out how to provide things to your settlers that are taken for granted on Earth. Closely monitor your cities resources like oxygen, water and food to ensure your citizens are healthy and that your city can continue to thrive.

Keep Your Settlers Happy
Manage your production and construction ambitions with your settler’s happiness in mind. Different facilities impact settler happiness in different ways, so you will need to ensure that your futuristic utopia doesn’t become a dystopian nightmare. Ensure your settlers have access to culture and construct Libraries, theaters and more and attract tourists with Casinos, sports stadiums and more.

Random Events
Space is unpredictable, and nothing is ever safe for long! From malfunctions to fires, from celebrity visits to scientific breakthroughs, you’ll need to be prepared to adjust your strategy to keep things on your settlement running smoothly

TerraGenesis Landfall user reviews :

Great game so far! The Mechanics work great and it’s fun to play. However the frequency of critical events is in my opinion too high. I’m on the game for 5 minutes during which my batteries broke down, and engineer dies, disgruntled settlers steal a rover? Of all things, makes playing quite difficult, and seems. A little excessive. The zoom settings are sometimes hard to deal with. It would be nice if there was a slider option instead of 2 fixed zoom settings. Hope this helps. Keep it up!

I love this game – the exploration and building is beautiful, as well as the risks involved if you expand too quickly! However, a few things REALLY need to be worked on: 1. When manufacturing goods, the ‘buy products with GP’ button is too close to the pause button. Rip my GP. 2. It can be difficult to select a location for the rovers to explore. It doesn’t always select the blue circle when pressed. 3. Terrain around base is plain. A few more rocks maybe? 4. Alot of ‘freak’ accidents.

When the colony gets bigger, an event occurs, a mail event pop up, building construction, complete construction, back from exploration, or a combination all of those is equal with so much very painful freeze. Install in 2 devices with the same account but then, the data not sync. With too many death, thieves and scrapping resources just barely to survive. While I open the game, power source was fine by sols cycles, after few hours, reopen it drops. Dropping stars. I’m done with it. Good luck.

  • Space is indeed scary — that’s why this is a city-survival game in space! I just had a thought — are you building water recyclers? That only recycles existing water. You’ll need to mine for ice to get new water, then process it in an ice processor. You can also bring in ice from rockets. Hope that makes sense!

Really fun game. Usually building games like this drive me crazy with rapidly growing build times, but build times here feel reasonable. Ads are only on-demand for additional rewards, which is awesome. Cool mechanics. However, it seems like there are way more bad random events than good, which makes me want to close the game while waiting for construction/research/rovers.

Interesting concept, but the random breakdowns of buildings make it too frustrating.You will probably need to reset your progress several times before you find out all the stuff that can go wrong… so why bother paying? And when things do break down, you lose your population, which you spent hours accumulating, in mere seconds. Fixing a problem for free usually takes many minutes so you’ll probably end up restarting… unless you pay real money right this moment.

I m going to leave the 5 star rating for now. It is almost impossible to live beyond the tutorial. Critical events occur one right after the other. Also I would like to be able to turn off the tutorial. As always, I have my own preference on how to build. I look forward to seeing the updates. Perhaps it would be possible to set play level for casual and pro players. Easy to hard, like the other versions. I look forward to where we are going.

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