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AnimashPick two animals and an advanced algorithm will mix them together for you!

Each animal has a unique appearance, characteristics, and powers. Experiment and see what you can create! New animals to fuse appear every 3 hours

Animash user reviews :

This is a fun game! I’ve had a good time playing. There is a good variety of animals and the hybrid’s description is well made. However, there were some things that negatively altered my opinion on the game. While, i find the randomness of the animals to be a good feature, in my game i have been getting the same animals for multiple rounds.. Another thing that i believe could improve the game is to have the ability to choose atleast some of the animals that will come in the next batch.

Really love this game! Would give five stars if I were able to save more animals (400 is not enough!) and if there was an indicator to say which options I’d already mixed when choosing the second animal (I can’t always remember and it’s annoying waiting while it loads the page again). If we can’t get more saved animals, not having to scroll all the way down my saved animal list to delete one after pressing back after just deleting another to make room for more would be helpful and less annoying

Love this game. Got it because my friends were having a lot of fun on it as well. A couple things I wish we could do: 1. Target our own creatures in the arena for the benefits of moves. The Santa+Sumo combo creature has a hit then buff move that you can only target your opponent with. 2. I don’t know if maybe I just never found it but we need stats for the moves and descriptions for what they do. 3. Online battles with friends. At the moment you have to be connected to the same wifi.

It occasionally crashes, but I think it’s because of the sheer amount of creatures I have saved. I really don’t have any complaints, just tips. Stuff like a skip button for faster merging, deleting multiple creatures at a time, or an indicator for combos already made. Example: I select dragon for dad, then while selecting mom, the creatures I’ve already combined with are darker. It’s hard to go through all my creatures and memorize what I’ve already got. I paid for no ads and it’s worth it.

This game has an interesting concept and really fun to play. But I do have some concerns about the cycle of animal line up that keeps repeating. And I think it would be great if this game has a training mode where you can test the ability of newly created creatures instead of just straight up throwing them into a battle. And I suggest that the training mode should have additional challenge where the creatures can level up or increasing their specific stats.

Great fun game. I only have 2 issues. 1: If you go into the arena and someone leaves, no one benefits from the match, basically making it a waste of time. To fix this, there should either be a penalty for leaving or give the player who didn’t leave half a reward. 2: The 3 hour change isn’t random since I’ve counted over 140 different items to merge, but I get the same things on a loop. Edit: the issue with opponents leaving during a fight has been fixed and you given the win if they leave .

I fell inlove to the game. The theme of morphing creatures is amazing. The arena is great as well. It allows you to have some sort of interaction with the creatures you created. The only flaw that I see, which is really affecting the experience… is the set of creatures you get every 3hrs. It takes 3hrs to refresh new set of creatures, and for about 3 months or so, it has been repeating the same set over and over again. The chances of getting a new creature is next to none. Please fix that.

The game is excellent! However, the user interface for ‘saved animals’ could benefit from an update. It would be helpful to have a favorites option and some categories, such as sorting by animal type. When a large number of animals have been accumulated, it becomes challenging to locate the desired ones. Edit: please add a feature to play against real people once you guys get the server space! I know it’s hard as a new game creator. But we support you, just keep them updates coming!

Very fun game but there are many aspects that can be improve. 1) When saving the animals that you created, it would be good if system can prompt if we have already created and save it before or not (to prevent saving duplicates). 2) Sorting of animals by it names so that we can delete duplicates efficiently (I have no idea why this wasn’t implemented). 3) Do not have a back button for arena when u click onto the wrong animal candidate or moves.

addicted to this game, but there are many little things that can improve the game greatly. – add in showing what the abilities actually do (buffs/debuffs) because some of my creatures give my opponents buffs for some reason. – make the creature cycle totally random, because i keep seeing the same creatures in the same group cycle whenever i want to fuse them. – feature to cancel my ability selection before i select an enemy to attack. – in match timer so the player doesn’t idle.

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