Merge Cartoon – Rebuild the village

[Game] Merge Cartoon – Renovate Town

Merge CartoonBuild a village and solve the problems with this free relaxing and fairytale merge & match games!

Help solve the hard level merge to rebuild the village.
Play the cluttered area with boosters of various concepts and rebuild it!
Discover the hidden areas.

The game features:

Merge and create new items
Merge to create new decorations! Keep merging to create various decorations.

Discover various things
There are always various new things to explore such as the limited customized event and rewards, seasons and various items, hidden areas, and many more. Discover the hidden secrets in your mind and light up the world!

Hidden items
Look for new items hidden behind boxes and cobwebs. Merge them together to find more decorations.

Clean up the bushes, fallen leaves, and boxes to rebuild, decorate and expand the village.

Complete each section
Complete levels by getting hundreds of addictive merged items!
For this, you need to play hundreds of merge games available. Some of them may be challenging, but if you’re lucky you can earn rewards (boosters, reward boxes) throughout the game. They can help you overcome the fun but tricky merging explosion!

Relieve stress
In addition of being fun and beautifully designed, our game is a great way to relax! Take a break from stressful activities and spend some healing time in the calming world of landscaping and zoning decoration. Reviving a ruined village will be satisfying.

Are you ready to decorate your village? Install now and play anytime and anywhere without any internet connection needed.
Shall we go merge the items now?

We always do regular updates for more merges and attractive chapters to rebuild the village! Please keep an eye on the updates and leave a review!

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Merge Cartoon user reviews :

Everything I was looking for! Cute style? Ads are optional? Goals but no story? (No Plot is actually a big plus for me, as I like mobile games for the gameplay, and games with story progression often interrupt a good time with something I’m supposed to pay attention to. No Plot means great to play when I’m listening to my headphones, or just too tired for a mystery or twist.)

It’s a great game that can be relaxing if you only want to play for a minute or two. The game play is cute and simple, but goes through energy quite quickly. I’ve made peace with the wait time for empty source materials, but the time it takes to upgrade them can be frustrating when you find yourself needing a ton of hard-to-gain soil rakes. All this aside, I am looking forward to future updates to the game and have enjoyed playing it so far.

The game is still very cute and fun, but I’ve noticed an increase in offers, especially repeated ones. The one I have a problem with mainly is the one that shows up after you click when there’s no energy and close the shop offering more energy (for in game currency) to offer you something for in real life currency which is really strange. Other than that still very fun just pay attention to energy

This is actually a decent puzzle game compared to a lot of others. Like a lot of puzzle games like this they have energy and it’s quite annoying to run out constantly and have to wait but this game is really good with that they make getting gems easy enough that it isn’t frustrating but I can confirm getting gems is still rare enough that you would spend money to get things to help with energy. Anyway that was just a rant about energy because I think the way this game does it is actually great!!

I have been playing since around late July or early August. I absolutely love this game. It’s a game you have to have patience with. You’re not gonna beat it all in one day, but after playing for some months, it’s amazing to see the progress. Update: April first I have completed everything in it(not all the customization) without spending a dime! I can’t wait for more to be added!

I play it a lot and also buy quite a few things. For people that want to play it, should keep in mind that while it is possible to play without buying, it is not really possible in practice. And that s fine to a certain extent, but it looks like the developers/owners are extremely greedy. The merging of items becomes extremely challenging as either you are running out of energy and have to buy all the time to renew it, or the generating items energy runs out. I will stop playing it.

i literally can’t stop playing this game, i love it. i found it kinda boring at the beginning because of the energy recharging so slowly, but the more I played it i realized it’s quite challenging! you can unlock new sections and customize some items. i love the graphics, everything is cute and funny. i’m doing the first and second little pigs part now and I don’t want it to end :(

Wow I actually finished the game. All I bought was board expansion that’s it. Three Little Pigs chapters all complete. The rewards per quest whether it took 2 mins or 2 weeks to complete, same reward! All prizes are pittance! Lvl 21 did not get to max inventory nor decor. Gd game to waste time on.

There’s a review saying this game is impossible to play without paying and this is not true! I literally finished the (current) game without buying a thing. I was tempted to buy of course but it’s totally not needed. Ads are not forced and is only optional unlike other games. This is one of my go-to games when I have free time and it’s sad that I finished it. I’ll try to keep the app as long as I can until a new content is released but I might say goodbye to the app soon

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