Animated 3D Weather – Real time sun and moon position

[App] Animated 3D Weather

Animated 3D Weather  Snow, rain, sleet and hail animations.

Trees shake by wind strength.
Real time sun and moon position.

Weather Info Features

4 Different Weather Providers
Aeris Weather
DarkSky Weather
World Weather Online Weather
5 or 7 day weather forecasts
Hour by hour weather forecasts
Multiple locations for weather

Graphic Features (All Customizable)
Different weather app widgets!
All app widgets can be transparent
Different weather notifications
10+ different weather notification icons

Animated 3D Weather user reviews :

Greatest weather app,love the sounds of nature

Very beautiful app love this app .This app has sunrise sunset and perfect timings Plus severe weather alerts and I love sound of rain falling and churping birds sound.I wish this animated 3 D app can be used as wallpaper on phone I want to say thanks for this awesome app

I absolutely love this app. Great concept but the app wouldn’t stop making sounds and I literally turned off every setting in the app to no sounds. I even went as far as to close phone and powered off for a few hours and then try again, and still doing it. Then i did a restart as well. I even put the do not disturb app on and still, yet again it still makes all kind of notifications sounds. So sad to say, I uninstalled it. Could you please let me know when you get these corrected? Thanks!!
  • MobileRise
  • Hi, do you mention about environment sounds like birds etc? App sound and LWP sound settings are different.

I enjoy using the 3D weather apps because of it weather prediction accuracy.

What an amazing and fun and educational app this is I put the widget on my desktop and my phone is the coolest one around thank you animated 3D whether you make looking at the weather fun again

Beautiful aesthetic and sounds, has been quite accurate thus far I just wish it would ACTUALLY go to my home page as I’ve set it too.

I really like the way this app conveys so much info so succinctly. Not all apps give uv ratings, sunrise and setting times and i really love the graph clearly showing when rain is expected to come and go over the day. This is very helpful if you are wanting to walk daily and miss the downpours. It is very good indeed.

I had this app earlier this year and the house could be viewed easier with all the beautiful animation ( lights on, wind kinda blowing,the bird singing was a nice touch but the back ground didnt change from day to night..I would love to see full animation scene.please clear the other stuff off the screen, i cant see and enjoy the house with the real time weather..other than that great work. .thanks

Cant say enough for this app nor the development team..Its my go to! Just beautiful app with accurate and artistically presented data. I’ve not run across this type of customer service on the net before, it’s really exceptional. Great job guys!

Forecast and temperature are very accurate. But the sky color is always black appears to be night all the time. During the daytime it would be great if the sky was actually blue.

The app looks good visually, reasonably reliable with temperatures the only issue I found is the wind velocity it predicts 7klm and is actually 22klm on bom. I think that’s a reasonable difference and needs to be addressed otherwise I would have given a score of 5

It’s lovely.The subject of the weather is quite boring,but with this app,you’ve made it something to look forward to,what the weather is.Well done!

Beautiful weather app love the weather information and the real time weather conditions on the screen. Nice animated features. Good job developers this weather app is a keeper.

so far so good would be better if it had interactive radar well disappointed as usual shows it still dark outside when it’s sunny and hot here in Tampa Florida guess the weather does not catch up time to uninstall

I love to know everything about weather, and this App is so amazing becouse everytime that I open it, I can listen birds singing. I really love! It works so good.

So far so good! Just downloaded this, so still getting used to it, but it’s very accurate so far!

I like this weather app a lot I just wish it had more pictures to it like at night I wish it had lightning bugs that buzzed around on it and in the rain maybe some lightning other than that it’s a great app and shows you everything you need to know

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