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MSW Surf ForecastMagicseaweed has joined Surfline and the MSW app is no longer being supported. You can now get all your favorite features on Surfline: ​

​Keep track of current surf conditions.​
View live surf cams at 950+ breaks around the world.​
Get daily surf reports from our team of experts.​
View wave height, live wind, weather, water temperature, and tide.​
View detailed buoy charts and nearshore models.​

​Plan future surf adventures.​
Use 16-day long-range forecasts to plan ahead.​
Read swell analysis from our in-house forecasting team.​

​Relive your sessions and watch your waves.​
Use Cam Rewind to watch and download your best waves (and wipeouts).​
Share your rides with friends and on social media.​

​Stay connected to all things surf.​
Watch the world’s best waves with live coverage of major swell events.​
Read up on the latest surf news, travel, training, and gear content.​

​Search for ‘Surfline’ on the Play Store to download. ​

MSW Pro Subscriptions and Renewals​
Magicseaweed Pro Subscriptions are no longer available to purchase for most subscribers as part of the migration to Surfline. MSW Pro subscribers now have access to a Surfline Premium membership until the end of their current MSW Pro subscription term. Unless auto-renewal is turned off through account settings, the Surfline Premium membership will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of your current MSW subscription term. Full terms and conditions can be found at​

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MSW Surf Forecast user reviews :

The app needs to streamline. Job 1 would be to be able to code it so you see all wave heights at the locations you have chosen for your favs. Right now you have select each one to be able to see wave sizes. It would be much more user friendly to first see heights and the chosen locations and then if you want more swell data you can then choose to do so.

MSW used to be great, I used it for paddleboarding. It was simple to use and provided local maps and forecasts. Then I updated it…BIG mistake! Should have read the most recent reviews first, opinion is pretty unanimous. The app is ruined since joining Surfline.

The app was great until the update. Now it is ridiculously slow, and prone to freezing and crashing. Not only are pages slow to load, but even once they are loaded, scrolling down the page is excruciatingly slow and always freezes, causing Android to throw up “Magic Seaweed isn’t responding. Would you like to wait?” error messages. In its current state it isn’t functional. I’m still holding out on uninstalling it just in case it gets fixed, but at the moment I am no longer relying on this as I was before, and am trying out alternatives.

I use this on my laptop but thought the app would be easier so I didn’t have to fire up the PC when I wanted to check surf conditions. Works a treat! doesn’t seem to have the same level of forecast detail as the website (I assume paying for the Pro version would fix this) but it gives me enough info to make a decision on where to head to. I use this in conjunction with the Safer Seas app that gives water quality info. It would be good to see these two linked to save me going into both!

Superior to Surfline for the information at hand. App is more buggy than Surfline and less refined, but the information is much better and the forecasting for Free Account user’s is long and better.

Stopped working correctly since recent update (Feb 2023) – Pixel 4a. Initially no favourites shown then after restart favourites are now shown but clicking on them does nothing. Please fix asap as this has been an issue for ~2 weeks. When it’s working it’s very useful but currently not usable and I’m paying for the pro version. Edit – working after reload of app. The web cameras are great but flaky interface is not the best.

  • Hey, pleased that a reinstall fixed the issues but sorry to learn of the inconvenience. I’m keen to make sure our team fully understand the “flaky interface” you describe. If there is any more detail you could share, write to support[at] and ask for me by name, referencing this review. Hope to hear from you soon. — James.

Consistantly over rates wind speeds by enough that it’s no use for kitesurfing. The maps have disappeared which makes finding spots much harder. The descriptions of surf spots are so comically out of date that apparently empty quiet spots can actually have half a dozen schools and hordes of surfers. Probably best to replace all the descriptions with “bloody busy spot with surf nowhere near as good as you hoped for”. Still use it loads though and still absolutely believe it’s going to be a 5 star day every time.

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