Anipang Match – Use various items to remove blocks

[Game] Anipang Match

Anipang MatchANIPANG IP with 75M downloads now becomes ANIPANG MATCH!

Blast Puzzle with Special Blocks!
Cute Match-3 Puzzle Game! Match Animal Blocks to get Special Combos!
Unique Special Combo Effects! Great puzzle graphics that maximizes excitements in flying blocks!
Speedy Match-3 with unique touch! Use various items to remove blocks!

No time to get bored! Constantly updated Puzzle Levels with various Themes!
Match-3 Puzzle full of Colorful Graphics and cute Animal Blocks every levels!
Fruits, Candle, Grass, and countless Obstacle blocks to test your Puzzle-solving Skills!
Unique Match-3 gameplay that makes you lose track of time and Level System encouraging your desire to win!

The TRUE Match-3 Game! Live Match-3 Competition Game with full of thrills!
Breathtaking 20 user Battle! Survive the Match-3 battle with fast Touch and high level Puzzle Strategy!
Get the highest ranking in the Match-3 Puzzle Battle with your friends! Get tons of gifts!
You can be the last one! Match-3 Puzzle game with the best thrill!

The more you dress up, the stronger your Anipang Friends become!
Dress up Anipang Friends with my own style! Match Puzzles and Match Styles!
Strategic Decorative Game! Stronger Puzzle Skills depending on how I style them!
Skill up puzzles strategically by combining various accessories and cloth!
Makeover Anipang Friends with my own hands! Dress up Anipang Friends in plain clothes nicely!

Special Episode Feature just for Anipang Match!
A new episode unlocks as you clear levels! Check out various feeds with Anipang Friends’ daily life!
Open up Anipang Friends’ Puzzle World full of Love, Friendship, and Exciting Stories!
Ring Ring! A new reply is up! Anipang Friends will reply to your post!
Every time you open a new Episode, tons of free rewards are given! Items, Coins and Lives!

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Various pieces of information on games and social media events info can be found in the official community channel.
Visit and join our social media and participate in the events. Don’t miss out the chance to earn rewards!

Anipang Match user reviews :

this game is so cute… i love it. beautiful graphics. cute audio. some puzzles are difficult, but guess its a matter or luck. the spin wheel is pretty much gambling with bad odds. it was good at the beginning, till they dont allow to swap game tokens. now u see its high rating gone down. its hard enough to get the game tokens… like u get 1-2 tokens every game. i played 326 games and now they tell me cant swap. good luck.

  • We are working to build a better Tokenomics ecosystem Through the update on April 11th The ability to replace the RED PAW with the BLUE PAW has disappeared. Only by winning the Royal Play is BLUE PAW.

Pretty cute. Easy to play. The downsides are the amount of ads. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are needed buy its pretty excessive I also don’t like how every level costs a life to play, win or lose. I don’t think it should take one if you win. You can hold 10 lives and ask for more, with 5 you can get in a day. Don’t like the NFT wallet currency since that app has a bad reputation level. Still unsure how free to play friendly it is. Good side game though.

  • Thank you for your review. We will forward the stories you left as suggestions to make it more enjoyable to use.

Overall its a fun game. But please give the top side of the screen some space so it wont get covered by the phone’s camera. It’s bothering to see some things got covered by the camera. Unless the hard crash on the tutorial and the UI, there’s not many problem.

This game is beautiful!! Usually when playing match games I get bored because there is either a lack of imaginative icons or there is no motivation to progress, it’s just rinse and repeat. This game however is perfect!! I love the little story posts, the characters themselves are adorable, I love the icons and the abilities. Only downside is I don’t understand the NFT side of it

  • Hi, thanks for playing! It is very rewarding to receive such a positive review. Thank you so much.

It’s an okay game. Like most match 3 games I get so annoyed that it barely gives you any time to look for matches before it will highlight a possible move. It’s also annoying that you can’t dress up until you reach like level 30. I made it to level 10 then gave up.

  • Hi, We’re sorry the game didn’t meet your expectation. We will try to improve based on your feedback. Thank you.

Nice game and the only downside that makes me not so happy is how you’re losing life even though you didn’t lose the stage / level. Win or lose, your life/ chances still gone. Poof just like that. This is my honest opinion. 3 stars is enough. Unless the developer willing to change the mechanism of the game. Then, I’ll might change my rating. Who’s know

  • Hi, we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the game. Please send an email to support center (helpcenter[at] by filling out the details. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank you!

Good very nice gameplay I love it. But There’s something that disturb me you know sometimes this happened the game just stop not crash but stop like pause and it doesn’t move no matter what I do. Network is fine my phone is fine idk what that is. Withdrawal system is bad very bad 500,000 is too less or if this goes on many people will stop playing. I suggest adding a queue system here or make it up to 1million.

  • Thank you for your review. Recently, at 00:00 UTC, many people access to exchange money, Servers were overloaded, games were not running, etc. In this regard, we are expanding servers for stabilization. We are making an effort. We will continue to work to resolve the issue.

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