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Anti Theft AlarmAnti Theft Alarm application is perfect to keep burglars away from your phone.

Anti Theft Alarm : Do you use to leave your phone around? Now with this application you can do it with no worries.

You just have to activate the alarm and leave your phone on the table or wherever. If someone moves your phone an alarm will sound. It can only be stoped if you enter the PIN, so the burglars or curious friends won’t be able to stop it.

Very useful if you have a curious friend too! There is no way for your phone to be stolen or used without your permission.

You can also use this app to avoid your children to use your phone without you knowing. You can now leave your phone anywhere in your home with no worries.

Try this app. You will love it!

Thanks to hzzp:// for the unlock pattern library.

Anti Theft Alarm user reviews :

Its cool,if somebody touch my mobile without im there. Then i can know from the high sound… love it x

Its really good but there must be a secret way of our choice if we forgot our pin. The tablet didnt even shut down plssssssssss do it n i will give it five stars

It’s a great app! I can leave it in my truck at work and not worry about it disappearing. Only one problem, the time frame set. After sitting for a few minutes I come back it has a notification that it has been activated for awhile and allows you to close it causing it not to alarm! Fix that and it’s 5 stars!!!

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