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AMC TheatresThe AMC Theatres App is your portal to everything AMC.

Buy tickets, get info about the movies you want to see, access your AMC Stubs rewards and make A-List reservations.

Our Theatres: Type in the name of your favorite theatre, or find the theatre closest to you. Find out which theatres feature premium formats like Dolby Cinema at AMC, IMAX and AMC, or RealD 3D.

All About Movies: Discover AMC exclusives, official trailers, movie synopses, cast info, and film ratings from experts like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

AMC Stubs: Log into your AMC Stubs account to earn and track points and rewards. Access your virtual card and scan it at the theatre to apply your savings and rewards instantly. A-Listers can make FREE movie reservations and Premiere members enjoy waived online ticketing fees.

My AMC: Find your purchased tickets, rewards and all things AMC Stubs.

Food and Drinks Online Ordering: Skip the line by ordering concessions before you get to the theatre. Available at select locations with either express pick-up at the concession stand, or delivery to your seat.

Reserved Seating: Save your favorite seat in the house.

Digital Tickets and Membership Card: Save room in your wallet for more important things! Your phone is your ticket and your AMC Stubs membership card.

Advance Tickets: Buy tickets the second they go on sale and be the first to see the movies you’re most excited about.

AMC Theatres user reviews :

BROKEN. First off, there are Retry Errors all over the place. I am using a 400Mbps internet speed. On top of the already expensive tickets, they want $5 convenience fee in an effort to upsell the premium accounts. Annoying upsells throughout the app experience. Refunding is broken. I was unable to select the tickets I wanted refunded as clicking did nothing. Too many clicks to do a simple task, and these are clearly intentional. Stay away from this garbage app and go straight to the theater.

Edit: After three months: the app is still unusable. I still can’t see showtimes or book tickets. I cancelled A-list. After 3 months, I don’t expect AMC to address the problem. Original review: The app stopped working on my Z Fold 3 after the latest update. For a week, I’ve been unable to book any reservation or even search for tickets. AMC A-list is wonderful though, and I have always enjoyed using this app until it stopped working. I will amend my review if/when it is fixed.

Similar to what some other people have been saying, I don’t actually want to give the app a 1 star but it has not been working lately. I have the stubbs membership but can’t use it unless I’m connected to wifi. I’m pretty sure it’s just a bug that could be fixed because it wasn’t always like this. But for me, the app is unusable unless I’m connected to wifi which obviously isn’t the case walking into a theater when you need it.

Edit: For the last few months the app only works if I’m using WiFi. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and nothing. It looks to be reported, but no fix. Really enjoy this app, especially as AList member. Easy and fast to make reservations and being able to link with other members is genius! Makes group outings so easy.

I don’t want to give it one star but the app is currently broken (at least for me). It doesn’t let me use my AList ticket and that is extremely annoying. Not to mention the error could not connect prompt that started appearing. Roll back the update or fix the bugs. I will cancel my AList if i can’t use it.

The app is quick and easy to use. There is definite room for improvement as far as calendar accuracies and overall UI, and I wish the first tab were only movies relevant to me (considering my location.) Sometimes I get my hopes up that and indie flick is playing nearby when it’s really not. Considering this tab is titled “See a Movie” I wish it was my first stop, instead it’s more like “Movies currently playing nationwide.” You can do better than this app, but you could do much worse.

A decent app that does what it needs. It can be a frustrating experience, though. I use a Pixel 2 and it’s pretty buggy. Usually my first attempt to open the app results in an error, and I can’t see showtimes or my tickets, so I’m forced to quit and reopen. Second attempt brings up the app correctly. It’ll also just freeze for no reason. Switching from different pages/sections in the app just freaks it out for no reason, causing it to have a meltdown, so I have to restart the whole thing.

Generally a pretty easy to use app. I do have trouble with the amc map (it likes to put numbers on them, and i think they are based off of proximity to your location???….not sure) and its hard to navigate because of that. However!!! if you simply save the locations that are relevant to you in the order you prefer, you can bypass using the map and use the list format. Much easier.

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