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IMDbIMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity information.

Watch trailers, get showtimes, and buy tickets for upcoming films. Rate and review shows you’ve seen and track what you want to watch using your Watchlist. IMDb takes you behind the scenes with exclusive IMDb Originals, celebrity interviews, and more. Stay up to date with entertainment news, awards, and events.

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Search for more than 5 million shows, movies, and entertainment programs – and more than 8 million cast and crew members
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IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, and Hindi.

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IMDb user reviews :

I love this app. I greatly appreciate that it’s very informative, However, I wish there would be a function to copy and paste content in our lists. Also , for the past couple months I have been unable to access my lists on the app. Despite them still existing, the app says I have zero results for my lists. It’s extremely frustrating and no update has fixed the problem so far. I tried asking for help months ago, they said they’d be back with help if they found the issue, they never did.

I hate that anytime you click on anything, i.e. trivia, movies/tv, goofs…if you go back you end up clear at the top! If, for example, I want to look up an actor who has 200 on screen performances and I click on number 75 and then I go back, I end up back at the top. I then have to scroll all the way back down to continue looking at his history! I just want to pick up where I left off! It’s ridiculous!! Please fix this!

I liked how the interface (display) was before the last update. I don’t like that I have to click the search button everything I want to look something up. Also, not easy to look up certain seasons on shows. They should make it easier to look up every season on any show. Also, I have tried to post comments on certain shows or actors and before it would let me and now, it says I can’t. Just not 100% reliable at all! I agree with other reviews too.

Used to be a 5 star app but recently there have been flaws. When I’m looking through photos and then hit the back button, it doesn’t go back to where I was in the photo lineup, it always goes back to the top. Really sucks when you’re looking through an actor’s photos and they have hundreds of not over 1000. Will also do that when scrolling through actors and actresses within a film. If I click on a name to briefly see what else they were in and then go back, it defaults to the top. Please fix.

Mostly a good app, but it INSISTS on up/down scrolling when trying to side-scroll through cat lists. You have to move your finger almost perfectly horizontally to get it to side scroll. I’m not perfect, I’m just a human trying to see who was in that movie. Edit: Latest update changed app settings to auto play videos (with audio) so loud trailers start unexpectedly playing. Nobody wants this, complete UX or Dev fail.

I absolutely love this app!!!! I highly recommend getting this app and reviewing different movies before you go to watch one on Netflix or Amazon firestick, ipad, smart phone, smart tv, Roku. At the comfort of your own home. This app is really really cool!! And it’s completely free to use!! You can view any kind of movie or tv series that you want to!!!! You can search movies and TV shows in a ton of diff ways….. You can search by someones fav list!! Or by diff genres, actor/actresses, etc.

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