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Banckle Chat  The Banckle Chat Android App brings power of collaboration in to your pocket.

This feature rich Live Chat app for Android platform brings customer support and live chat to a whole new level by allowing informed, proactive and personalized interaction with website and blog visitors. Communicate with your website visitors and customers in real-time while you are on the go. We believe in empowering through simplicity, hence the intuitive interface of this app allows you to effectively perform live chat with website visitors while seeing their platform and demographic information.

The ideal use-case scenario for this app is for Live Chat agents or business/website owners that are frequently on the move and can’t stay signed into Banckle Chat’s web version at all times. While not all features of the Banckle Chat web version are present in the Android app, the essentials are definitely there. You can use just the Banckle Chat Android app, or use it in conjunction with the Banckle Chat web-based version (via your PC/Mac) to turn your website visitors into customers.

Few Salient Features:

Real-time monitoring and live chat with website visitors.
Notifications of new incoming messages, chat invitations and transfer chat requests, enhancing multitasking ability.
Ability to enable/disable sound alerts for live chat operations.
Use canned messages to conveniently send predefined messages.
Proactively invite visitors for chat.
Transfer chats to fellow online chat operators.
View website visitors by various categories; Country, Time on Site & Top Customers.

Administration and Customization Features:

Banckle Chat can easily be configured and controlled from the Banckle Admin Console. You have complete freedom & control to be innovative and creative with your Banckle Chat deployment.

Multiple websites: Provide support to multiple websites from your Banckle Chat
Departments: Categorize agents in departments.
Canned Messages: Pre-define chat messages to instantly send typo-free messages.
Blocked IPs: Manage the banned IPs.

Be Informed:

While conducting live support and communicating with customers, it counts a lot that how well you know your website visitors. Simple questions make all the difference. For example; Where are they from? How long have they been on your website? Banckle Chat Android app accurately answers all these questions and enables you to monitor and track your website visitors and enables you to learn the customer’s behavior and requirements. Banckle Chat’s detailed charts and other visitor statistics empower you to take your business to a whole new level.
Note: Not all visitor information is available in the Android app, but you can always get that information from your PC/Mac.

Better Than:

Banckle Chat, is an affordable alternative to VeriShow, Prontogab and many others. Its salient features make it an ideal replacement for all other Live Chat apps available on the Android platform.

Tap Away Freely:

The Banckle Chat Android app installs with a single tap, is fun to use & is offered at the best possible price, i.e. FREE! You do not need to pay anything extra for the app other than your Banckle Chat subscription.

Integrate with Anything:

Banckle is determined to reach out to every popular platform that means something to its users. You can deploy Banckle Chat on your websites and blogs. Under Marketplace at Banckle, Banckle Chat is available for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Moodle, Magento and Shopify. If your platform is not listed, please feel free to share with us and we will make it available for you. We are just a click away from hearing your views.

Banckle Chat user reviews :

Clean look, but missing essential feature At first blush, this is a really nicely designed app – clean, intuitive, etc. Where it falls apart is in the visitor monitoring. There really isn’t enough information being displayed to make the monitor useful. Sure, it’s great to know where a visitor is from and how long they’ve been browsing, but how about showing the current page URL that they are looking at? How about the landing page, referring page, search keyword, etc? Without knowing this info, it’s pretty difficult to determine whether or not you really want to initiate a proactive chat. Also, it would be nice to be able to see a chronology of which pages a visitor has looked at. In short: promising, but incomplete

let down by one fault such a shame about this app because the online service is out standing the app is easy and well laid out but it all gets let down by the apps constant streaming no major if you have free unlimited internet but still no good because the constant streaming drains my battery within one hour making this app a total let down. I run a mobile repair shop this isnt a phone fault. My emails and facebook notifications instant with out the need for constant streaming. if this fault was corrected it would be PERFECT

thanks 4 the update works great

App removed from Play Store

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