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Battery HDThis is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet.

It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.

Now you can get alerts when your phone charges or discharges to a specific percentage!

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:
Listening to music
Watching video
Talking on the phone
Internet Browsing ( WiFi, 3G or 4G )
Time left to recharge
Time to use your LED Flashlight
Play 2D and 3D Games
Reading books
GPS navigation
Video chat
Taking photos
Recording videos

Use this app to see all this battery information at a glance in the widget or the notification bar.

Check the usage chart to understand better your daily usage.

If you have a new or rare device, please run calibration tests to share your results with the community and make this app even more precise !

Try it now ! It’s simply the best at what it does.

Battery HD user reviews :

Great app to help preserve your phones battery life. You can set an alarm for lower and upper charge limits. I use 30% & 80%. The app also speaks the percentage at your low setting and again when it has charged to (in my case) 80%. When your battery gets to your preset low level it tells you so you know when to charge. Remember to set your phone’s app permissions to enable the app to keep abreast of your battery charge level. Nice app which has loads of built in features. I’m impressed. Try it!

I after trying about 20 different apps I found this one to have the best balance of customization and options. It even allows for different shapes and a vertical or horizontal icon.

Nice application especially when it comes to the widget sizes. Though there are two issues that I think need to be considered: 1. There are times when the application freezes, it does not concord with the actual battery level; 2. Is it possible for the battery widget to look at least almost identical to the image used in it’s logo (as it is on Google play for instance)?

A truly stunning App, my sincere thanks to the developer; who is really at the top of his class. My only wish would be that the calibration module didn’t require Wi-fi to run, because of personal problems I don’t have Wi-fi and it would be nice just to tick that element off and still be able to run the program to calibrate the battery.

Help again to revert back to the Pro version. I uninstalled because i couldn’t disable the screen color feature. Now i have the FREE version & couldn’t restore my purchases on HUAWEI ANDROID PHONE. I tried it didn’t work properly i wont use the feature again. Fantastic App! Hear from you asap! HELP! I’ve paid but showing on huawei smartphone as not paid. Huawei & Google play stores are different…help & hear from you asap

  • Please send us an e-mail to support[at] . We will be happy to help you !

Not complicated, filled with features, useable info. and not cluttered with useless techy….. stuff….. Have used many apps for battery tracking and have always come back to this one. Enough things to keep a “propeller hat” type person interested.

So far so fancy. I love the live wallpaper that’ll change colors with battery percentage and having widgets as an option in case I want a different background is also excellent. For some reason my cheap Motorola phone won’t tell me how long to wait for my battery to charge, I’m glad I found this app because it has other perks like estimated time for various phone activities. I’m both impressed and satisfied. Thank you

A nicely laid-out app with lots of features. Seems lite on resources. I like the real-time historical graph with selectable parameters. A real nice app. One pro-active suggestion. PLEASE, in future updates, DON’T give in to the temptation to radically change the interface. People HATE that because of the frustration in having to re-learn how to navigate around an app that you comfortably had down-pat. Everyone appreciates a fresh look, but rearranging everything is aggravating. Less is more!

Update: (See original post below) Now the notifications don’t work very well. The voice speaks very fast like it is set to 4x. The alarms will Not stop ringing. Stopping the app did not work. I had to completely shut down the phone. Original post: Simple to use. You can set warnings at various battery levels. Is there a way to make it start automatically?

  • Please send us an e-mail to help[at] . We will be happy to help you !

This app now works perfectly. I’m happy. It gives an audio and verbal alert to stop charging, besides a screen pop up. It tracks battery charge on my screen. I do not need to touch anything. At first I had problems, that was my phone…on button stuck off. Rep used hair dryer. Several times.—-. Alarm wouldn’t turn off. I tried everything, except throwing it. Took to store again. Ring tone on alarms turned off on their own. Google Assistant trying to get into my settings to control everything.

  • The goal of this application is to get estimates about the time for one particular activity: for example the time for listening to music or browsing the web.

101 recommend my battery. Just got strong I just hotspot to calibrate my battery and it worked before the measuring of hours on my setting 76 is 12 hr now it’s 2 day and 17 mins and it work it last 1 day this is an amazing app keep it upp

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