WiFi File Transfer – Upload and download files over a wireless connection

[App] WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File TransferWiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection.

Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed.


Upload or download multiple files at once
Upload entire folder structures (Google Chrome only)
Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files using the built-in file manager interface
Password authentication (optional)
Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories
Runs as a background service
View photos directly in your web browser (integrated thumbnail gallery)
Autostart service when connected to home network (optional)
Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices
Works while the device is in hotspot mode


In order to use this app, your computer and your phone need to be on the same local area (or wlan) network.
If you would like to use this app on public WiFi networks, please make sure to set an access password in the app settings.
If you’re using WiFi File Transfer alongside other server apps such as WebSharing or Kies Air, make sure they do not use the same port number.


This free version cannot upload files larger than 5 MB. Everything else works 100%.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions to smarterdroid[at]gmail.com.

WiFi File Transfer user reviews:

This is such a great app! It makes the transfer of files completely painless. No searching for cables or messing around with Android settings. Definitely recommend. When using it all you need to do is start the app, start your browser and type in the url that the app asks you to use, then you’re ready to go! Enjoy!

This app is really wonderful they transfer the file when the file inside in android mobile and able to download the file in the laptop! with great speed! i use laptop hotspot to connect mobile and then use this app! they provide ip address! and then we are ready to transfer the file in great speed! Thank you! for develop this application.

Very easy to use. Simple, efficient, attractive interface. Not sure if there is a way to transfer several files at once, though. Will have to look around in it a bit more. Overall, one of (if not THE) best transfer package I have come across.

This app is very convenient because you don’t have to connect data cable phone to computer which most of the time fails when the cable is moved or incompatible usb driver versions. This solves most problems about pc and mobile phone connectivity.

This app is what I was looking for when needing to transfer files wirelessly between my android phone and my computer, and later I used it with my tablet and my computer. It was easy to use and worked perfectly. It does have a 5MB file limitation but the Pro version removes that restriction, so I did end up getting the Pro version which was worth the upgrade. So far, I’ve not had any problems transferring files with this app. The interface was easy to use for me and the transfers went very quickly. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to transfer files wirelessly between their computer and their compatible phone or tablet.

This app works, but it’s awkward to use and the help files don’t. It definately needs a search feature. It’s also slow and awkward having to go up and down one level at a time. Works on my Casio Commando.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, they make it easier! Now transfer a bunch of photos as one ZIP file rather than individually. Fast and easy!

Very fast transfers without cables. Easy to use. Excellent app!

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