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Camera illusionThanks for your support! More than 3 million downloads of the previous version made us work very hard over the past year to present the new version. We hope you enjoy all the new features!

Camera illusion is the camera application that lets you process photos in real-time, previewing and taking amazing pictures combining cool effects, filters and masks.

Easy to use for taking funny pictures, but also very powerful for use by professional photographers or artists. We’re sure that you’ll love it!

If you like this app, you can buy PRO version with more features. Each purchase motivates us to further improve the app and work on new innovative features. Thanks!

What’s new in 2.0?

New user interface (360º free rotation)
Improved filter/effect speed
HD button – full resolution pictures with most filters/effects (PRO version)
Front camera support (Android 2.3+ required)
Zoom (if supported)
New flash modes for HD photos
Optimized for Tablet
Adjustable filters/effects (more in next version)
Color filter (with hue/saturation)
Blur effect
Sharp effect (PRO version)
Glow effect (PRO version)
Waves effect (PRO version)
New cool masks (more in PRO version)
Autoadjustable mask for all preview resolutions
Store app on SD (Android 2.2+ required)
Full quality photo viewer for HD photos (PRO version)
Direct access to the app using the camera button
Save also original photo
Use your preferred “image viewer” app to show the pictures just taken
Direct button to “Videocam illusion” (video recorder) and “Photo illusion” (photo editor)
Full italian and german translation. Thanks to Michael Leporia and Stefan Bruns

Camera illusion user reviews :

Easy to use. Simple, cool effects for a free app. Neat to see the world through the pencil or chalk effects.

Cool Illusions and such also very easy to use. But, i wish we could use these tricks while snapchatting!

It was a very laggy app and it almost jammed my tablet

It is an excellent app.. Doesn’t deserve to be free at all

Need bit of immprovment apart from that all good

There are so many good ones on here its awesome!!!

Great filters && Effects  And anybody feel free to hmu my kik is McKennaCookieFreak

Used to be good. No longer works on front camera. Paid for this app.. Any chance of fixing this?

Awesome I like this app very much

Not many requested permissions though so raised rating.

Best free camera app on android!! I’ve been looking for one for so long and this is perfect!! Must download!!!

Its just so awesome must download, right away!!!

Again! One more time u can have to follow me and help going to first. You help you,

I love. This app.its just like the one oni pad people hate. Me and love me for doing this

I love it! But i would love to send it to friends or use it as wallpaper. I cant seem to do that …:( overall its a nice app. To have!

Good but automatically saves to phone without giving option to discard

i think the app is cool from seeing it on other phones. please fix the bug issue for Samsung droid charge and will give more stars.

From nick, This is a great app on my ATRIX,now I can do more with the picture background to give it a real true photo quality how I want it.

i use this because its tablet optimized, but other photo apps have more effects selections… pls add effects

This is a really great app, there is a variety of frames, filters and effects, one of the best camera apps. In my opinion.

This app is great and really fun to use and mess around with friends, but there are better apps with more effects. And more organized, such as PicsIn.

I woulda kept this cause it had everything I wanted but the flash sucked. Didn’t burst flash. Just turned the flashlight on

Great program. Would have been better if I could use my phone’s camera button for focus and picture. Waiting for this feature.

Looking to improve quality of photos. Great if your just wanting to add effects to photos

Need to work more on it mainly clarity..or else 5stars.

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