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GammaPixDeveloped initially for several federal agencies, turns your phone into a detector of ionizing radiation.

The GammaPix technology has been successfully tested at independent labs with calibrated sources. It was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (U.S. Department of Homeland Security), and the Transportation Research Board (U.S. National Academy of Sciences). We were encouraged by them to bring this technology to the public.

Worried about accidental exposure to radioactive material or acts of terrorism? The GammaPix App can provide timely warning of the presence of radioactivity using nothing more than your phone’s camera. While it is NOT meant to be a substitute for dedicated ionizing radiation detectors, it is a rapid and convenient way of making preliminary threat estimates.

We hope you enjoy using GammaPix!

Various circumstances may compromise the measurement or make the results inaccurate.

Automatic monitoring will use ~1-5% of your battery, but could warn you of radiation even when not using the App.

A 5 to 10-minute initialization is required before you use the application for the first time. We know this step slows you down, but it really is necessary to get the best results. Please perform this step in a place you know is likely to be free of excessive radioactivity, with your device cool and unplugged.

For best results make sure no light is getting into the camera when you run the GammaPix App. Putting the phone in your pocket or covering it with a book works well.

A reading takes about 3 to 5 minutes if there’s no danger. Dangerous levels will be reported sooner.

Try out Settings > Use long third stage for a more sensitive reading!

The GammaPix App will not work on some phone models because the camera optimization at low light levels gives “bright” pictures.

Not all phone models have been calibrated. We’ll use your readings to provide a calibration for your model. The more you take, the sooner we’ll have a calibration.

GammaPix user reviews :

It does what it claims but 2 problem. I wish it could give a Geiger click. I understand it would not be the same as a GM tube but just a good pocket indication. How to close the app? No exit in menu and stays resident in taskbar

This app does its job properly. For anyone not knowing, this app needs access to the camera because gamma rays can interact with the camera’s sensor, showing a sort of “line”. It needs completely dark environment (use black tape to cover lens) because to detect radiation, it measures the amount of light flashes in a determined amount of time. So, yes this app does indeed access the camera, for anyone concerned about that, but only if it is pitch black.

I am absolutely amazed at the concept that the developer employs here. I would really appreciate some explanation on the calibration aspects, as it always comes up with “all clear “. Is the actual background radiation used as the zero point? It would be a great feature to know background radiation levels in mSievert. Thnx

Seems to operate, but won’t tell me enough. I want each camera’s counts/minute, not just “All Clear”. Even if your calibration for my model does not yet exist. (Does it? Tell me that, yes or no, in the app.) Let me text-label the location. And tell me the location it has received with my permission.

Very nice! I covered all cameras on my phone with few layers of black insulation tape, and after walking around my room, i noticed that old rotary phone dial was radioactive, also found radioactive vaccum tube, app works for me. the only thing i did not like is the app asking for location kinda useles. But thanks!

Why is this app taking pictures in the background without notice? Is happening on random basis. My security app directed it. 3 a day for 2 days in a row approx 3 days ago…now 1 this morning while my son was in the shower getting ready. NOT happy about that!

Google Pixel 6, not compatible. I have tried twice with complety covering the camera and placing it still in a dark room, still not able to pass.

Anybody who says it doesn’t work because the “camera is not covered” needs to cover both the front and the rear cameras. Use electrical tape, and use your phones camera app to check that both cameras are completely dark. My screen protector prevented the tape on the front camera from blocking ALL the light, so I had to hold my thumb on it while it calibrated. People are so quick to blame the app…

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