Script Manager – Manage and execute shell scripts

[App] Script Manager

Script ManagerExecute scripts and executables, root explorer, file manager, multi tab browser and terminal emulator.

Scripts Executables
Manage and execute shell scripts and programs in file system.
All executions run over vt100 terminal accepting user input and esc codes (colors, bel, cursor movement ..)
Run them at boot-up and/or on network status change possibility.
Schedule at selected time. (cron jobs)
Show graphical dialogs from running process.
Create widgets at desktop.
Edit and create scripts, also create them from url.
Insert code in your scripts using QR codes.
Share execution output.
Bookmark your scripts.
Test SM_VERSION and/or SM_VERSIONCODE to know if is running inside SManager.

With root privileges you can also execute them as superuser.

File manager
Browse all phone’s file and network files.
zip,tgz,tar,tbz and yaffs2 (nandroid backups) support.
Browse network(including http://) zip files without full download.
Open multiple directories on different tabs.(3 tabs for Ads version)
File linking support(On supported filesystems)
Multiselect from different directories support. (Ads version only support 7 selections from different directories. No limit if selections are in the same directory)

Root explorer(Rooted device needed)
Automatically mount RO partitions in RW when needed.
Root editor (Allow edit files with root privileges. Configure “Browse as root”)
Open and edit ALL files regardless the permissions they have with selected application. Use CAREFULLY(Configure “Browse as root” in order to get this feature)

Console screen
Volume Up: Mapped to Esc key.
Volume Down: Mapped to Enter key.
DPad press: Mapped to Control key. (Press and then press other key. Not simultaneous pressing required)

Enable “extra gestures” in config screen in order to send Home/End,del/tab,left/right,pgup/pgdown keys. This is very useful to execute shell and ssh connections.
WEIRD CHARACTERS: If you get a lot of [[^ characters, is due you have “extra gestures” enabled and script/program doesn’t process them. Use most right side of screen to send standard scroll event, or disable “extra gestures”

SM Multiselect
Selects automatically files selected in third party apps, like Gallery, inside SM Browser

External Storage SD Notes
You can install SManager on external Storage SDcard, but you must be know:
If you are using boot scripts or scheduled script, you will need SMExternalSD app.
All events like network status change and scheduled scripts while external storage is shared or unmounted will not be processed. Although you have SMExternalSD installed

SManager does not launch executions until external storage is mounted.

Detected some programs/daemons (like dropbear) fails if has stdin closed. Try put “exec 0>&1” to reopen stdin in background executions.

No ads version features
No ads.
Execute scripts from widgets without opening console.
No limits in multiselect.
No limits opening multiple directories.
Alias keys in SMConsole.
Hide/show SMConsole/SMBrowser bar with up/down gesture at top of the screen.

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Script Manager user reviews :

I was able to run shell scripts. However I couldn’t figure out how to make them run automatically when I open the app without having to touch any other buttons.

super fowerful. easy. love it. SD Card easy of complete control. Max stars for this. thanks UPDATE The god of all apps for your SD CARD needs. thanks again.

The app may get really confusing once u install it but once your on it for a decent amount of time u get use to u. So ye

This app holds and protects fills in and out of devices filling folder manger and it gets the job done and hold a lot of files.

This app was built for an older version of Android than I have installed please update!

GR8 & useful tool but widget size is only 2×2 :( Need smaller widgets.

Its ok but it is for older phones i cant use it i want the developer to update this app

Great for rooted phones. Id recommend ‘init.d script support’ app otherwise

Best sh and binary manager for Android advanced users.

i thinks its good but idk how to use it

I’ve been using this for 3 years already, The best Root Browser on Play Store!

Very nice, long time user, and I find myself coming back after trying other similar apps

Love the app and it does everything you could want for scheduled shell scripts. With update it works now on Nexus 6p thank you Devworm

Probably super powerful but not enough resources to get started for new people.

Good app Did what i wanted which was creating a shortcut to my script on my homescreen, free and easy to use totally recommend!

Very useful tool, a top 5 must have for customization of any Android device

Finally found what I’m looking for. I’ve been searching the internet for an app that can execute scripts after boot has finished without manipulating the device’s system files, and this app PERFECTLY does the job. Great work! This app deserves more than 5 stars

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