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Kik MessengerFind your people:

Kik is your place to chat and message with all of your friends and to make new ones, no matter who you are or what device you’re using. Chat one-on-one, join a group with like-minded people, or start a group of your own and chat about what matters to you.

Talk about anything:
People around the world connect with Kik to make connections and explore their interests – its a place where you can be comfortable being yourself. With millions chatting and messaging every day, you’re certain to find your new favorite friends.

Be live:
Kik is more than just a messaging app and a chat app – it’s a place to see and be seen on Kik Live. Become a star or be a fan, there’s always something surprising on Kik Live.

All in one place:
Kik is a chat app, a messaging app, a group chat app, a live streaming app, and a find-your-people app.

Kik Messenger user reviews :

Potentially good app destroyed by intrusive ads, sometimes impossible to get out of the ad as it sends you on an endless loop. Notifications are hit and miss. I routinely get notifications for messages that aren’t there. Pictures don’t always download. It’s a real dog’s dinner

So this used to be a great app. I think commercialism got ahold of the owner, though. Spammers are rampant, and it doesn’t seem there’s anyone getting to the root of it. Even worse is that ads have overrun the app to the point that after pretty much every action that’s taken (sending a message, opening a conversation, reporting a spammer, blocking a spammer, etc) there’s an ad. Very close to uninstalling.

It’s a great app to communicate with people, but there’s way too many spam bots. It’s very uncomfortable and disgusting with the text messages they send. And KIK LIVE is in they way of the contacts, so I suggest to make a little slide for KIK LIVE or something. That’s honestly all I have to talk about. Have a good day or night.

I’ve been using this app for a few months now and I love it. Sending pics and videos is so simple and there a great selection of emojis and gifs to play around with. I don’t know what the others are saying about the ads…. I get one every now and then but they’ve never interrupted a conversation ever.

Over the years, this app just keeps getting worse. It used to be a simple, clean messenger. Then they started shoving adds in your face, the app crashes and deletes almost everything, so you lose messages, and even contacts,… and now this whole “Live” business for streaming, which is shoved in your face so you can’t even ignore it, and I see no option to turn it off. Seriously, this app has become annoying, and overly complicated. Oh, and now it’s eating up A LOT of data.

For the last 2 months I have been having viewing profiles and sending some pictures (especially videos). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a number of times which seems to fix the problem for a few hours before it starts doing the same thing (along with deleting all conversations). There doesn’t seem to be any help that seems to work to even find out what could be the problem.

I NEED YOU TO SEE THIS! The app works, it is great. It is fun and a great way to meet new people. But, the live streamers that I see have all been having issues with their account’s email/password suddenly being seemingly not correct, invalid and not confirmed. Yet these people have been on Kik Live for a year or longer and have used the email to speak with Kik before. Also, no bans were used either. So if Kik Support is here, can you help me help them? Thank you.

It’s a good app all in all but the glitches a lot and I can’t get no more chats but it shows me that I have and the texts take eternity to go through it stays on send for hours sometimes even tho the other person is online

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