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Azkend  Enjoy the visions from the mystical world of Azkend in a puzzle game polished to perfection! – Don’t forget to check out the astonishing sequel Azkend 2: The World Beneath!


The Relic your archeological team discovered in Far Asia proved to be more powerful than anyone knew. Now you must lift the Relic’s curse by reaching the Temple of Time and returning the Relic to where it belongs.

Earn up to eight talismans and unleash their powers to hasten your quest. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries on your fascinating journey. Immerse yourself in the rich and relaxing atmosphere. Indulge in hours of entertainment in two game modes.

Step into the exciting world of Azkend!


Perfect controls, enthralling graphics and addictive gameplay highlight the uncompromised quality in this hit game.


Enjoyable and unique game play
Perfect touch controls
Captivating story
Beautiful hand drawn sceneries
Stunning visual effects


Azkend Free features ads


Match tiles to break them
Make matches by sliding your finger over three or more like tiles



Azkend user reviews :

I dont care if developers want ads….they do a lot of good work and deserve something for it. But when a full screen video ad interrupts game play every few minutes, it becomes ridiculous. I dont understand why they cant use the small banner ads that stay out of the way.

Not into line matching. would have liked better if it was a swipe and match

It tells you to touch and slide, I tried and tried but it wouldn’t let me do it. So I can’t play. Not a good way to start a game. See what you think? .

This game is awesome too bad you have to pay for the 2nd one

This could be a good game if you didn’t get an ad Everytime you finished a stage in a level. Really takes away the enjoyment of the game. You can pay to get ad free but I’m not willing to do that. So if you can handle getting ads every 2 minutes then go for it. I will be deleting the game.

Had this game on my PC and loved it, was thrilled when I came across it for my phone and it’s just become my top priority match 3, I play this one the most…ads are no more or less than with any other app so get over it people and enjoy this awesome game!! Need to make Az 2 available in full version devs!!!

This game is quite fun and I would have rated higher but for the incessant 30 second annoying ads that you have to sit through. Please stop that nonsense. If I want to buy a game I will buy it.

I love the app. Its a fun way to waste/pass time. But if I were the gamemakers I would make a few changes. Maybe a point system. So far its kind of just a win/lose kind of game. And im not sure if there’s a way to redo levels that you’ve already completed. If this option isnt available I think it should be. And lastly there should b some other puzzles to complete. Maybe putting peices of an old picture together or adding more of a technique to the game. Its kind of quite “easy”. As someone else mentioned

The latest update extremely limits the game, originally you had access to all 70 levels and now you don’t 10TONS LTD, taking away features that were previously given makes you look like your scamming people now! Free or not

Disappointing Azkend Free crashed quite some but I still took a chance on the full version (getjar). Played almost 8 levels before that crashed but then it kept on crashing almost every try on a level after that. It’s unfortunate that not even the paid product is stable. The puzzle game play is pretty neat although mighty repetitive. There’s some story but it’s presented as short pieces of text without much depth and they are pretty far apart. Music tend to disappear as the game stutters and you’re left with just the sound effects. Due to the filler-story, stuttering, bugs and crashes the whole thing feels like a rip-off.

Love it!!Good game keeps you interested!!

Great Game Well worth the price and last a while. There is some level of diffculty as it progresses.Graphic and sound great. Enjoyed it. Wish this type of game was not so few and far between games.!

Luv it Very good thinkin game

10ton games are epic!! Great game no flaws!

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