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Scientific Calculator PlusScientific Calculator Plus is a powerful tool to solve sophisticated mathematical problems as well as to build games and applications. As a programmable and multi-functional calculator, It supports parallel computing (TCP or WebRTC protocol), 2D game development, recognition of printed math, complex number, matrix, (higher level) integration, 2D, polar and 3D chart, string, file operation and building independent app from a script. Its programming language is called MFP, an easy-to-learn and cross-platform scripting language. User is able to use PC to develop an MFP script, and then run it without any modification in any PC (with JAVA support) and Android device.

Scientific Calculator Plus provides MFP for Android lib binary file and detailed instruction for Android developers. MFP for Android lib can be embedded into other Android app projects to run MFP codes and call MFP functions. By leveraging the power of MFP, Android developer can easily implement many wonderful and thrilling features with a small amount of time and resources. MFP for Android has been open sourced based on Apache 2.0 license which means any individuals and companies can use it. Its Github project is .

Scientific Calculator Plus’s PC (or MAC) version is called Scientific Calculator Plus for JAVA. The source codes and binaries of Scientific Calculator Plus for JAVA have been published in github at

A detailed HTML based manual has been included in the app. User may also visit to obtain a full manual of MFP programming language.

Main capabilities:

1. Programming and game development: This app is actually a shell of open source scripting language called MFP. This language is object-oriented and able to call all the built-in functions and all the user-defined libs stored in AnMath/scripts folder in Android internal memory / SD card / hard disk. This language includes a group of 2D game APIs, internally supports complex number and matrix, and provides a complete set of functions for graphing, networking, file operating, time / date etc. You can even embed MFP into your Android app.

2. Building independent apps: User is able to select any function and build an independent app from it. The built apps can be published in any app distribution site like Google Play.

3. Calculation: Scientific Calculator Plus supports complex number, matrix, integration and is able to solve multi-variable linear equations, polynomials (up to 6 order) and other simple functions.

4. Plotting 2D, polar 3D charts: In smart calculator, user inputs the expressions and Scientific Calculator Plus automatically determines what kind of graph to draw. For example, if user inputs x**2+y**2+z**2==1, a 3D ball is drawn. Scientific Calculator Plus also provides stand alone tools to draw complicated graphs and a set of functions to draw charts from command line.

5. 2D game development.

Latest Update :

Fixed bug so that Command Line tool can show Unicode characters properly;
* A new remote surveillance MFP example. This script does not need a central server, but only two Android devices. One device is placed on the remote side as a monitor, and the other is controlled by the user as a controller. Users can start remote video/sound monitoring at any time by sending email. In other words, the script can turn an old phone into a free real-time home security monitor.

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