Arena of Faith – Battle between The Deities and Human Beings

[Game] Arena of Faith

Arena of FaithAOF is a 5v5 MOBA competitive game based on a background of the battle between The Deities and Human Beings.

There are legends from various mythologies and authentic history that you can act as, joining with your teamates in the ield of Vegrild during the twilight of the gods. Skillfully utilizing your abilities and tactics, strive for victory in this sacred battle.

Full eSports Experience:AOF is entirely eSports-oriented, featuring comprehensive competitive content. Participants, ranging from individuals to teams and clubs, engage in competitions at various levels —— Arena Battle, Cup Math, and Tournament.

Cross-Platform Linking:AOF offers cross-platform gameplay, allowing PC players to challenge opponents on mobile devices.

Global Unification:Unlike other games where players choose a server before playing, AOF features a global interconnected server system.

Full Blockchain eSports:The AOF’s event system is entirely based on blockchain, ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the competitions.

High-Quality MOBA Experience:AOF sets a new standard in graphical quality and game stability within the MOBA genre. Keeping pace with the rapid advancements in mobile technology, AOF’s project quality continues to evolve, rivaling traditional MOBA games.

Arena of Faith user reviews :

I love the look and the overall skill set of each champ is unique enough, just make sure to avoid clones. I love the map, it could be slightly bigger but get the idea that we want this to be semi fast paced. The main issue I have is the response time… I was playing with nyx, and she realize heavy on getting in and getting out, and if she doesn’t attack after a skill right away it’s kinda pointless. Love the game so far. Keep up the good work

The game has potential. The abilities for the characters are ok, the graphics are fine. My issue lies in how responsive the abilities are. There are times when I’ve hit a button, and the skill hasn’t gone off until seconds after I’ve hit it. My phone deals with apps pretty well, so Im thinking this is an app issue. That being said, I’ll reiterate that the champs and design are amazing. My qualms lie with how responsive the skills are.

Red flag-Nft game. Other than that,It has good potential. I have played prob every mobas and I like this one. The frame rate drops here and there bit not much and it can feel stiff at times but it’s ok all it needs is a bit of refining and the removal of nft and more players for better matchmaking

The graphics is so good… Feeling like playing dota 2, but the hero was a little bit giant. It almost cover the way. So far, it was awesome just make more heroes. More power AOF family. Hope for your success. Ty.

Compared to some of the long standing MOBA’s it’s got ways to go in terms of “quality of life”. The focus on E-Sports is an excellent direction, definitely a good start.

Seems very balanced coming from a Grandmaster. Very sweaty gameplay as everyone wants to win in a ranked environment. Keeping that in mind, play it safe as there is alot of synergies between heroes. They have 7 free champions per week and in 10-40 games u can buy any champ you want ranging from 40,80, and 120. The starting champions are quite strong and well balanced offering a fair fight in a competitive environment from the start. May update this further only played two games so far.

Exciting fast pace. But so much more needed to be improved. Aiming was bad. You need to add aim assist. Most of the time, I can’t tell whether I’ve hit the enemy hero or not. Sound design is already good, just need the visual to match it. I hope you guys can improve the game.

This game has potential, but there are some things that hold it back. 1: I don’t want to sit in a lobby waiting for players. Just add a play button. 2: There needs to be selectable roles, I don’t want to have to fight my team over what role I’m playing. 3: Items shouldn’t be purchasable unless you recall. Having the ability to buy items while in lane removes miles of skill expression. Don’t model your game after MLBB, take Inspiration from league of legends, if not your game won’t be appealing

some good plays and some what not plays. fps drops in mid game, sometimes on just seeing the enemy hero. the fps drops. plus i can’t customize the builds. please have some pre-build for items, so we can build our sequence of combo items. but over-all it is fun to play.

  • Thanks a lot for your advice, pre-build is developing , recently we update the game, Happy gaming

Its a very good moba game, 3 stars for now until some stuff gets fixed, hero balancing and you might also add a bit more of events and looting rewards as well as try to adjust to UI to be more bright. The game play is good but needs a little bit more options to control. I will be waiting for the next update.

ill give your flowers for the uniqueness of the characters and the matchmaking but the lagging needs to be fixed immediately, it is the BIGGEST obstacles thats hindering this game to be acknowledge worldwide , through its easy gameplay ang well balanced statistics, this could become my number 1 so maybe a little tweaking but overall its good just fix the lags then its good to go.

Ok here my opinion game is great has amazing graphics for me I didn’t had any lag or something but I need a practice mode to learn builds and hero phases, joining straight to game without clue just of recommendation items is not everything I mean i want to explore more options through training I can learn more the game can really become on of the best I’m pretty sure would be matter of time. From me 4 stars for now.

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