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Dig TycoonWelcome to the world of digging, it’s time to work with loaders and excavators at off road areas. By the help of excavators you will dig out the raw materials from a land and load it on the loader trucks which will then transport the raw material to the construction site for building roads, buildings and infrastructure.

Dig Tycoon Idle Game Features:
Amazing off road landscapes.
Smooth loader trucks movements.
Proficient excavator digging functionalities.
Satisfying digging, loading, transporting and building experience.

In this game you will enjoy hiring excavators, Loaders and speed up the process by tapping on the screen.

Dig Tycoon user reviews :

Two stars for enjoyable gameplay.. But these style of ads (requiring a ‘Where’s Waldo’ style hunt to find the ‘skip ad’ button.. only to be greeted by the 2nd stage of the ad, requiring another few seconds of waiting & another round of ‘find the skip button’… sometimes a 3rd round is included) are incredibly frustrating. I understand the need for ads in general, but can we please stop with this?

The game is as advertised in the ad I saw, and for a game of its type its not bad, but every so often ads pop up unprompted. However, I finished the game in a matter of hours, the game is not even close to completed and there hasnt been an update in 5 mos. It lets you prestige but doesnt offer any incentives and its just starting the same game over from the beginning.

  • Hi King, Thank you for your honest feedback. Your suggestions are sent to the related department.

This would be a fun, time consuming game, however, the fun dwindles every time an ad pops up whenever you level up. Why force an ad after you, the developers, give us an option of watching an ad for a bonus.. I choose not to take the bonus, yet I’m forced to watch an ad anyways. I understand y’all gots to make money somehow, but y’all ain’t gonna get players by forcing ads every couple minutes, ESPECIALLY after we decline an optional ad. Uninstalled, and won’t try again.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

If you guys can please update the game and add more things to it, it will be more fun to play. Like Leaderboard and other stuff where you can compete with your friends or globally and also Increase the diamonds which we get from constructing a building cuz I’m stuck on 85 diamonds per building and I’ve total of 114 buildings lol. The game is good I’ve suggested it to my friends and they all liked it. Keep it up guys and bring more games would love to play them

Brilliant My 1st idle game and it’s a great one !! So easy on the eye just to watch the digging, loading, transporting and building of things Update 14.8.22 ~~ It’s an idle game in itself, while you’re watching you don’t need to do anything apart from levelling up, hiring and collecting gems but for a bit of a boost from time to time you can tap the screen rapidly which will increase the speed of building the city

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the game. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]sablostudio.com! Have a wonderful day!

Completed the game after around two days of on-off playing on a night, and considering there are reviews from over a year ago saying they’re waiting for an update to expand, I’d say it’s not happening. Uninstalled after two days. Also, turn airplane mode on to avoid seeing an ad every 6 seconds.

Epic. Not a waist of time, nor is it boring its been addicting since I got it!  Though the speed does almost nothing :0 but still love game [EDIT: I am experiencing glitches such as: A bulldozer skipping a row,A slab of a row stays til another bulldozer does the row below it then that row has the problem, x2 x 3 x4 and x5 upgrades for gems for certain time broken. ECT please fix these!] Besides that still 5 stars I not do less like others when they got issues that’s glitch or ads…

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the game. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]sablostudio.com! Have a wonderful day!

There is a very annoying glitch where some sort of like tip pops up when u log into the game telling you to collect gems and you have to wait the whole timer of the gem counter to collect it and like I’ve already done this several times but it still pops up. Other than that I really like this game

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