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[Game] AOD : Art of Defence – TD

Art of Defence  Near future. Planet population decreased by 70% after a succession of nuclear wars and horrifying destructions.

The mysterious Mr. Ivil who has united the scattered gangs into one army of thugs is looking for the drawing of the long forgotten Inola project. In search for their treasure, they rob and murder innocent people, destroying settlements.

The A.O.D squad confronts them under your command. You are searching the drawing too to assemble the machine that will either save or destroy mankind. Who will be the first? Its up to you, Commander.

Download Art of Defence now and enjoy top dynamic tower defence strategy with great isometric graphics! You can play offline! Rise your empire!
Restore peace and Defend your technological kingdoms.


Dynamic battles won’t leave you bored;
Play offline! No internet connection required;
Elements of Tower Defence, RPG, and tactical strategy;
Over 500 sectors for real-time battles;
Various location of warfare from small villages to huge abandoned megapolises;
New Tower Defence modes: escape, fog, survival;
Over 1000 tower upgrades (tanks, minigun, air defence, etc.);
6 unique heroes to explore and level up
Nuclear bombs, ionic satellite attacks, ballistic barrages, other boosters;
Hundreds of card upgrades for each tower

Organize defence as you wish, place towers, block the enemy, combine towers, use super weapons. All that you love about Tower Defence (TD) with new features and experience.

Plan your moves in the forthcoming battle, take the territories, free sectors from your enemies.

Plunge into the offline Tower Defence atmosphere with staggering graphics and dynamics battles real-time.

Create a perfect team of heroes, increase tank damage, tower reloading speed, or create the most powerful nuclear bomb to burn your enemies to ashes!

Find upgrade cards in battles. Apply them to towers. Use all armoury: tanks, miniguns, grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers, etc.

Play every day to receive free bonuses!
The game is well optimized, you can run it on both powerful and medium devices!
The game is absolutely free to download!
Offline mode allows you to play without internet connection!


Art of Defence user reviews :

Solid tower defense game. The variety of maps is nearly unending. I really like being forced to pick routes for the enemy based on how I place my towers. The game can be repetitive at times. Chapter 5 is a real sudden uptick in difficulty. The localization needs to be proofed quite a bit. There’s also some yellow dots that aren’t explained. Really curious about them.

Great game, and the best defense game I have ever played. Why? it’s filled with different maps. challenges, and modifications to all weapons with its on skill tree to trim things to your style of play. Game has many little features and the ads are very well worth watching, and so this game is not a “money sink”, and does provide hours of fun ! try it !

I really like the game. But recently I reinstalled the game and linked with google play(had it linked previously), still it did not updated my game play (I cleared level 150) and I had to start it from level 1 all over again.

Really Nice Game. No Auto ads. It’s feels like real war game. Real defencer game. Just 50mb.Please Add some Gorilla commander force 1st & they fight openly without building, Car, Gas station. Thanks
  • Sateda Game Studio
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

It was a great td game until you get to level 159 then you need to begin spending real money if you want to progress. I’m all for supporting developers so I did buy a crystal bundle to get some in game perks, but even still my base is destroyed by wave 10… Screw you. I’ll spend my cash elsewhere.

Awesome game! It’s only 4 stars due to Steam account and Mobile account (Android) not being linked to same account. Otherwise this game would have 5 star rating. Very fun and addictive.
  • Sateda Game Studio
  • Thanks for your review! It’s a bit complicated to make this link, but thanks for the idea!

So far, I like that this is an offline game and impressive graphics. So far, cool upgrades for the units and interesting. I’ll keep playing it to see how far I can go.

%100 without a doubt the best game for simple enjoyable fun!! gameplay is entertaining and immersive with rogue caricatures great graffics and can be played offline!?!  download now it will not disappoint!!

It’s a great strategy game that you can build and upgrade everything you need. Along with fair prices to have a boost here and there.
  • Sateda Game Studio
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

This is the kind of game I’m looking for. Endless customization and we’ll polish.

Best of the best hands down, Tower defence, quite few ads, no disturbing , love it

one of the best tower defense. Im hoping for the updates and i think i be better if they add a new tower/hero to it.

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