Astraware Kriss Kross – Puts your deductive skills to the test

[Game] Astraware Kriss Kross

Astraware Kriss Kross  Also known as Word Fit or Fill Ins, Kriss Kross is a popular word puzzle that puts your deductive skills to the test!

In each puzzle you are given a grid and a list of words, and it’s up to you to find the right place to fill in the words! It starts simply enough until you find a word that could fit in multiple places and you realize you need to think ahead.

Astraware Kriss Kross gives you access to play any of our four Daily puzzles – top the global leaderboard by completing the puzzle in the fastest time! For more of a challenge there is a Weekender puzzle available each Friday with an even bigger grid. The game also includes 60 built-in puzzles in various sizes and difficulties.

Great features include:
Unlimited access to our Daily and Weekender puzzles
A collection of 60 free built-in puzzles in various sizes and difficulties, with many more to purchase
New endless free puzzle streams – watch ads (or take short surveys) then play the puzzles you like!
Intuitive interface
Save slots available so you can have several puzzles on the go at once, or you can stop for a break and come back to puzzle later
Optional Puzzles Plus subscription available!

Get Astraware Kriss Kross and improve your logical reasoning – and your vocabulary too! If you love this game, we have Astraware CodeWords, Crosswords and Number Cross also available in this range, with more to come!

Please note that this game now requires a device with a screen resolution of at least 480×800 pixels.

Astraware Kriss Kross user reviews :

Fun beat the clock gameplay, almost like putting new jigsaw puzzles together. If you like quick and easy games on the go without the time commitment this game perfect. Not to mention you can actually learn some new words and broaden your vocabulary.

I love this app. Enjoy playing it as it passes the time. Brilliant for the mind and makes you think.

I’ve always loved Kriss Kross puzzle and was so excited to find this app. It’s a big part of my morning routine. Can’t start the day without it.

It’s a good game to play to wind down with while also trying to get better and faster to compete with other players

Game no longer works on my samsung tablet. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck. Liked playing daily games.

Astraware make some great word games and this one gives your brain a workout

love the game just wish their were more daily games as the other games dont have a score board and I like to see how I fare compared to other players mayb an extra weekend game or two as well as 1 game for the entire weekend diesnt quite seem enough but all in all a great game easy to use and plenty of ways to change settings to personalise it.

I think there should be an easier way to get stamps but other than that i love this simple little word game

I really enjoy how calming this game is . Its my favourite puzzle to do

I have always loved fill ins games, but this is the best one I have ever found. It’s a keeper.

Brilliant game and easy to use n good graphics

Great game, once you get the technique down. I used to do these on paper all the time. Start with the words that have the least in a list of words. They are arranged by number of letters. You may have only one word that is long, so you can fill in some letters easily that way. The words automatically fill in as you drag and drop. There is no stress, no penalties, no lives, just filling in letters till done. Exercises the brain.

Great helps the brain to get a kick start

such a good game, gets the brain going! only thing is getting stamps for more puzzles but can always watch a video for 10 which is not too bad!

This is a great way to pass the time, due to health reasons i find i have a lot of time to pass and this game really helps my days go by. I would recommend this game for anyone

The game is really good because it gets your brain to concentrate to see what words fits in the right order.

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