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[App] aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

aTimeLoggerApplication for tracking your personal or working activities.

Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage your time.

aTimeLogger is the right solution for everyone:
business people with an intensive daily routine;
sportsmen who value every minute of their day;
parents in order to control their children’s daily activities;
everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time.

Application features:
easy and intuitive interface
goals to reach
automatic time tracking with Tasker or Locale;
simultaneous activities
many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts
reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)
a huge number of icons for activity types
Android Wear support

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aTimeLogger user reviews :

Great app for time tracking, though a little buggy. E. g. when stopwatch (with few intervals counted in my case) is left paused for several hours, total time displayed in the app notification increases without reason. Time displayed in the app remains correct though. It would also be nice to have a sticky notification (pinned to the top of notifications list) and/or lock-screen widget not to waste several seconds each time one wants to pause/resume a stopwatch.

It’s a great app. I would like to be able to delete custom reports I have made or edit them instead of just creating more. And I’d like to have the option to have things tracked by time and by amount. And to have the groups stay open instead of defaulting back to the main tab. But otherwise it’s a fantastic app.

Good app, user friendly, easy to use. It’s only a little bit inconvenient that apps allows to end current activity from notification bar, but for starting another one you still have to enter the app. I would like it more if after stopping/ending current activity from notification bar I would have some pop-up window to immediately start the next one without having to enter app.

I like that tracking app. Hope to conduct some analysis on it, when I collect enough data. However, with last couple of updates, you added really annoying feature: when an activity changes status (start/stop/pause/adjust time/etc), a bar with timer and play-pause buttons on of the screen for a few seconds. It covers crucial menu buttons, so that I have to wait a few seconds until it disappears just to press “confirm” button at the top right corner. That’s terrible UX, and that really sucks. How do I get rid of it? UPD: thank you, that helped.

  • You need to change priority in notification settings for Status bar. Google forced developers to support Android 8 notifications and there’s a choice – display it with high priority (in this way) or display it with lower priority (but it will be moved down when new notifications appear). If you don’t need timer in notifications you can disable it

This was exactly the app I was looking for, to track my personal (not work) time. Starting and stopping the activities is a simple touch from the main tab, with the option to edit the start/stop times or add activities retroactively, if you’re not on top of things in the moment.The interface for editing start/stop times is really great: versatile, intuitive, and ergonomic. There is a large number of built-in icons for different activities, though the range of categories could be expanded. Great.

Good – but I don’t need to track performing multiple events simultaneously. Is there a way to set it up like this example: I’m in the middle of tracking my “reading”, and as soon as I tap “study”, it instantly stops tracking reading and starts tracking studying. It would reduce the # of taps myself (and others) have to perform. UPDATE: Very well done!!!

  • Yes, it’s possible. Set “Action on start” to “Stop” or “Pause” in Settings

I have tried many self improvement apps before and this is by far the best one. It’s simple and concise; doesnt have any useless extra stuff. Just pure time logging with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly statistics, including % and pie chart view. Super useful, eye opening and motivating! And you can customize the tasks with lots of icon options and unlimited colors. The only thing I would suggest is adding more types of statistics to be available, such as bar charts, etc. I would pay for that.

  • Thanks for review, Natalie! Try – successor of aTimeLogger. It has more statistics available

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