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[App] Timesheet – Time Tracker

TimesheetTimesheet allows you the recording of your working hours with a simple push of a button.

You can easily add breaks, expenses and notes. Manage your projects and export your data to Microsoft Excel (XLS, CSV). Clear overviews and statistics will give you the best working experience. Easy Backup / Restore to SD-Card or Dropbox/Drive!

Cloud Synchronization

Enable real-time synchronization to use Timesheet on multiple devices and on your desktop!
Track your working hours even better with the web-application on my.timesheet.io


Time Tracking
Project Management
Track Expenses, Notes and Coffee Breaks
Excel Export (XLS, CSV)
Location-Based Tracking
Dropbox/Drive Backup
NFC, Google Calendar Plugin
Widget and Wear Support


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Timesheet user reviews :

I really like this app, and it suprises me that it’s free. It’s even better than the paid app I had before. But there are some things that annoy me. I copy tasks because my working times are the same every time. But when I want to change the day, the times reset too. The pauses disappear as well. Could you make it that the times do not change when the day of a task is changed, and the pause does not disappear as wel? Thanks a lot. Five stars if this is added :D

Very useful for tracking time worked across different projects and clients, and keeping track of how much is owed, in total and per client/project. Provided exactly what I needed over the last 2 years, and then some additional features which I haven’t worked out but may be useful to me in future. Very minor tweaks and bug fixes – it is very focussed on tracking tasks now, but adding those in the past is a bit less intuitive. However this doesn’t stop this being my choice for time tracking app.

Excellent app with enough flexibility to work for most use cases. The only limitation for me is the inability to run multiple timers at once, but that can be easily worked around by just adding a task manually while an existing timer is running. You just need to remember to manually update its finish time when you’re finished. The reporting and graphing is still not quite there – the pie charts are excellent but need to be set up so that they don’t assume tags are mutually exclusive. Overall, brilliant.

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I like it’s capabilities. but recently my phone had to be reset and the daily backup would not restore the correct recent information. I’m grateful that I had exported last billing’s information, but I’ve lost much data I’ve input with no response from the programmer. Very frustrating!

It’s a good app and it meets my need. Were it not for its subscription model I would definitely have bought it. There is no way that I can justify $50 annually in perpetuity for this app. Also the amount of promotional emails I received during the trial period was a bit excessive. Off to find a more affordable option that meets my needs and doesn’t require monthly payments.

Solid app. Love the different time scale options and both graph types (bar chart over a time range, overall pie chart). It’s also fairly easy to add work sessions that you forgot to start the timer for. CSV exporting is awesome, but what really brought me back to Timesheet was the dark theme. Much easier on the eyes, and integrated a beautiful new color scheme.

A straightforward timelogging app that has a ton of customisation options if you care to dig into them. Super easy to use from the jump, and doesn’t have a cluttered UI. As someone who just started a short-term job working from home, where my hours are self-regulated/motivated this has been so useful in keeping track of both hours worked and pay. Can’t recommend enough!!!

I love this app. The one downfall is that you can’t switch between profiles when logging into a different account, but I think that’s because I’m only using the free version. I’ve tried using other apps to keep my web dev time tracking separate from my writing time tracking and I hate the other apps. I keep coming back to this for all of it even though I don’t like having everything in the same “space”.

Took a little bit of time to dig through how it is all parsed together. However the functionality is great with a no frills UI that makes this app all about efficiency, albeit with some flaws of it’s own (but in the same vein as the flaws you come to grow fond of in your first car) that could possibly be improved upon. The app itself is representative of it’s very purpose to me, and for that I appreciate everything about it.

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