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AumhumAumhum is the most personal meditation, sleep & self-care app that guides you as you grow.

We assign you mentors who guide you on your meditation journey at each step. These real experts not only help you sleep better, but they also help make you relax and rejuvenate. Use Aumhum daily to keep your mind fit and active & sleep better with a peaceful calm.

You get access to a complete suite that helps you take care of yourself. This includes meditation courses, personalized plans & breathing programs. What’s Inside:

Aumhum is all about self-care personalization. You get to undergo short meditations as well as multi-day courses. You start by selecting the areas of focus. These could be dealing with stress, managing anxiety, incorporating mindfulness, or something else. If you are looking to improve on your sleep, Aumhum offers you meditations and yogic exercises that help find the right conditions that can help you get a deep sleep routine, every night.

With time, Aumhum helps you build your meditation and self-care practice routine. The practice tools include – timers, feedback, and ongoing review by masters.

You also get daily inspirational quotes from the masters. Another tool to take on the day and accept it as is without any judgment.

Aumhum also focusses on breathing techniques including Pranayama and breathwork. Additionally, techniques for stress-management. anxiety-prevention, enhancing focus, bettering relationships, improving physical health, and smoothening relationships are also available.

Free and Premium Subscription
Aumhum is available free and also as a paid subscription. As a free user, you can access courses and create a meditation plan for yourself.

As a Premium user, you get access to every course and teacher on Aumhum. Also, you get to create Premium plans as well as get direct interactions with mentors.

Aumhum is also offering to pre-book for Super-Premium plans. This subscription will offer 1-on-1 sessions with mentors and office-hours with them. You can pre-book for this at a heavily-discounted price right away.

If you are enjoying the app, please post a review as it helps us support the mentors. Also, it helps us bring authentic meditations to you.

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Aumhum user reviews :

I love this app. It has lots of different types of meditations for different things like sleep, reduce mind chatter, anxiety etc. Each session can run as short as 7 minutes upto 1 hour. The sessions work, they are well read, well presented, slick professional and effective with an intuitive interface. I use this every night to sleep. I plan to upgrade to the premium version soon.

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at namaste[at]! Have a wonderful day!

Its an amazing app. Nowadays we don’t have that much time to find everything on time or even in one place..but this app has gathered all the things together and its really helpful. There is alot of options whatever you want listen you can easily select that option according to your mood. Its a perfect app for maintaining our mental health through meditation music therapy.

  • Dear User, thank you very much for sharing your valuable & useful feedback. If you have other feedback or suggestions, please write to us at namaste[at] We would love to hear from you!

Been using this app for a couple of weeks. It is easy to find relevant audios. I really like the journal feature.. It helps me track my mood

This is a great app. I have tried to many times to calm myself but never tried the guided mediation before and it works great. This app have lots of videos and techniques to improve mediation and i liked it a lot. It ask for your preferences and gives you a simplified routine. Their breating techniques feature helps you improve your basics of meditation. Use it after exercise, after waking up or before bed, it feels great.

  • HI Himanshu, Meditations and calm-down routines are great after-sport activity. We say it from experience as our team is full of marathoners and triathletes. Have a great day. Thank you for your encouraging words

There are many good things with this app, the time is perfect for beginners. Ul is beautiful and simple at the same time. UX is easy to understand. The best of all are the topics and the wisdom they convey. It can help you see things differently and reconsider your thought patterns showing you other options.

  • Thank you for your wonderful and detailed review. This will definitely help a lot of other users decide. Have a wonderful day

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