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Meditation LojongMeditation is easy, its for everyone. Congrats for looking for meditation.

Bring happiness and joy into your life through a new path of mindfulness meditation, with just a few minutes a day with the Lojong app. Mindfulness meditation brings a complete transformation of the mind. Understand why meditation is important and learn how to cultivate this habit for your daily life. Get access to hundreds of guided mindfulness meditations that can bring countless benefits, such as:

Relief from anxiety
Relax your mind and body
Stress management
Focus your mind and increase your concentration and productivity
Better relationships
Improve your sleep quality, with good sleep
Less anger
More calm

These practices are intended to develop mindfulness, concentration, calm, gratitude, genuine happiness, focus, compassion and gradually help us reduce the impact of stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Join thousands of meditators who are getting better sleep, feeling less stress and anxiety and more happiness with our guided mindfulness practices and mind-trainings.

The Sleep Well program features a variety of meditations designed to improve sleep quality, as well as ambient sounds that will help you relax, be calm, and sleep better. After a difficult day we all want to go to bed and have a restful night of sleep.

Try the app for exercises to help control anxiety, relieve stress, improve focus, calm and sleep, relieve insomnia with sleep mindfulness meditation, anxiety mindfulness meditation, calm moments, mindful meditation and live a happy and calm life.

By downloading the app, you get free access to:

Gratitude journal
Several mind-training programs
Mindfulness relaxation
Health meditation
Anxiety meditation
Mindfulness Focus
Relaxing mindfulness
Calm meditation
Guided gratitude practice
Free soothing mindfulness
Guided loving-kindness mindfulness meditation
Free body scan meditation
Mindfulness Happiness
And much more!

You can also support us and become a Premium user to get full access to:

Hundreds of guided practices
Download the practices and listen offline
Create a playlist of your favorite meditations
Several mind-training programs
You will also be helping people who can’t afford a subscription get free access to Lojong Premium
Anxiety and stress reduction program
Help you to deal with depression and sadness

Lojong is recommended and developed with love and compassion by instructors, therapists and mental health experts in order to benefit as many people as possible. Your day with more calm, focus and attention.

Get started for free!

Meditation Lojong user reviews :

I really do like this app. The setup is super user-friendly and colorful, there’s tons of options for different types of meditation, and I LOVE that you can even choose the voice that talks you through the meditation. As with most meditation apps, I do have to complain that things are really limited without paying. I started multiple “trainings” but after max 2 days, you have to pay to continue a good start, but I’ll probably try to find something with a bit more available.

  • Hi, Leann! Our mission is to democratize access to meditation, that is why there are several free practices in the app. In addition, we have special plans for students and for those who cannot afford the Premium version at the moment. If you have any questions, please email us at Best regards from the Lojong Team.

I am typically reluctant to purchase subscriptions, but in this case… the full version has really helped me achieve my meditation goals, especially those regarding consistency. Incredible app if you’re looking to start a new practice or strengthen an existing one. There are so many different types meditations; users have the ability to customize the meditation depending on type, voice and time. Awesome app. Highly recommend.

  • Good afternoon, Katlin! We are very happy with your feedback! We are always looking to improve the app! Best regards from the Lojong Team.

The exercises really help me ground myself during stressful times and are often short enough to squeeze into a busy day. The reminder notifications can add to alarm fatigue, but overall I’ve had a good experience with this app. There are short ads before the exercises, which I don’t mind as the volume is not excessively loud.

  • Good evening, Lisa! We are very happy with your feedback! We are always looking to improve the app! Best regards from the Lojong Team.

I’ve tried a lot of meditation apps, but I think that Lojong was the best. They really taught me how to meditate, I’ve seen an improvement in the issues I was hoping to find some relief from, and I’m even excited to pay for Premium soon! That’s how much I love this app! I also find the voice actresses, especially Susan, to have really soothing and guiding voices. Overall, a 10/10 app.

  • Hello, Vanessa! We are so happy that you are identifying with the practices and the way our instructors guide you! We hope you will continue to be with us on this journey of self-care and transformation! Your feedback is crucial for us to become the best meditation app, we are working hard for this. We wish you good practices!

Loving the style, layout, and cadence of Lojong. The words I would use to describe my experience so far would be thoughtful, caring, and deep. I’ve learned more about myself (and meditation) from this app than from any others I’ve tried. Loved it so much, I subscribed to the paid subscription. Looking forward to spending the year with you!

  • Good afternoon, Jim! We are very grateful for your feedback! We are very happy to be helping you cultivate the habit of meditation! Best regards from the Lojong Team.

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