Auralux – Path to victory is through clever strategy

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Auralux  The sequel, Auralux: Constellations, is available now!

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Cloud save support across devices with Google Games! Achievements and Leaderboards support! Access leaderboards in Speed and Nova Mode to compare your times with friends and the world.

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Warfare has never been so cosmically beautiful, and melodic. -HubPages

A game that helps fuel the argument over whether or not video games can be art. -NWCN Gaming Guru

Auralux is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game.

You command only one type of unit and have only one type of order to give those units. You and your opponents start the game with precisely equal resources. Quick reflexes will get you nowhere. The only path to victory is through clever strategy.

Auralux features a slow, floating feel and vibrant minimalistic graphics. The entire game pulses to the rhythm of ambient music, and the player’s actions evoke sounds that smoothly coalesce into melody.

This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience. Every choice matters, and only the best strategies will succeed.


Includes every feature and more from the renowned PC game.
Free to try for as long as you like! Simply purchase additional levels for a very low price if you enjoy the game and want more challenges.
Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices.
Countless hours of gameplay
Two available game modes : Normal and Speed Mode, with a secret mode for hardcore players to unlock!
Relaxing, ambient soundtrack brings you into a rhythm and meditative state.

Game by E McNeill

Ported by War Drum Studios

Auralux user reviews:

Auralux is a wonderful, real time strategy game. Very reasonable priced levels. A very big library of levels. Different challenging ways to play, change difficulties, speed mode. Over all just a great game. With a fantastic replay value. And they also have auralux 2 as well. .. hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years. One of the greatest game purchases I’ve made.

Absolutely love this game, been playing for years and years now. I’ve beaten all the stages, even in Nova mode, but keep going back almost daily and try to find different approaches. Frankly, good ol slow mode is my favorite. Very relaxing but with a sense of urgency since you’re trying to beat your opponents after all

Maybe I’m just an idiot but when the tutorial is too hard that’s not a good sign. Best the tutorial after three tries. Beat the first level, never got past the 2nd level.

AI always double team. Your units move slightly slower. It’s a waiting game to build units only to attack the enemy team and get rear ended by another. Best to wait for units to attack (rarely happens) and go for a steal.

Spiritual successor to Eufloria, brilliant game easy to pick up, hard to master. The speed and nova modes are no joke though, crazy hard at times even on the ‘easy’ maps! Endless replayability for me.

Fun, intuitive, easy to play but not simple strategy game! I feel like Ender from Ender’s Game. Music and sound effects are fun as well

Fun basic, clean, relaxing, puzzle aspects, strategy, these games that get the basics right are the best, I only wish there were more options (maps, missions, abilities, upgrades, mods etc)

This game is excellent, and surprisingly deep and strategic! It seems slow and simple at first, but it requires a lot of decisiveness. I would, really, really like an option to play as one of the other colors. My favorite color is orange, and I would absolutely pay the equivalent of a level pack to play as orange instead of blue.

Love it so much, but it seems a bit hard, even on the normal levels.The AI suns always go strait in for the kill, and knows exactly how many units to send to take over a sun. I can’t beat triangular no matter how many times I’ve done it. Please fix the perfect AI, it’s has basicly no flaws and is too overpowered.☹︎ When the AI is fixed I will change to five stars.

I have had a hard time finding a good RTS on my tablet even though it seems like that would be easy. This game really really nailed it, even though its not really an RTS ! :-D

f this game doesn’t get to #1 I will be shocked. This game is the one I have been waiting for ever since I got my first android phone. Works beautifully on my Nexus 7

Good game. Awesome colors on my nexus 7. Froze on me when attacking multiple suns so thinking I was going to crank for it.

Update :

Try a mix of game styles with the new Aurora Pack featuring the levels Web, Spokes, Crossroad, Talons and Aurora.
New free level!
Bug Fixes


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