Dead Trigger – Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies

[Game] Dead Trigger – Offline Zombie Shooter

Dead TriggerDead Trigger : Get ready for Non-Stop Action in this Award Winning Shooter Game:

Unity Awards
Over 60 Million downloads

Gear up for some extreme zombie slaying!

Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies
Secure vital supplies
Save other survivors
Protect the Safe Haven
Explore the city
Uncover the shocking truth in this intense FPS action game!

Wipe out the horde in a variety of imaginative ways
Blast ’em out of existence with a lethal arsenal of weapons
Put them out of their misery with powerful explosives
Dispatch of the zombie horde with countless creative ways
Evolving zombie AI will keep you on your toes

Load your gun and shoot ‘em up
Equip yourself with beautifully realistic weapons – Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, or a Minigun
Get stuck in with brutal melee weapons like the Chainsaw, Brain Mill and more
Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, blade chopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar and more
Unlock 13 character upgrades like Radar and Autoheal

New online service from MADFINGER Games
Receive free updates with new missions, weapons, gadgets, characters and more
Back up your progress on the Cloud
Add your friends and more

HOT NEWS: If you love Dead Trigger, don’t forget to check out the sequel, DEAD TRIGGER 2! We’re sure you’ll give it two severed thumbs up. It’s out NOW.

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Dead Trigger user reviews:

Great graphics and performance, no running issues on my prime. Have looked forward to this game 4 weeks, but was surprised when i found out about the in game purchases, i hate that in games. Would have been more than happy to pay more for the game, if everything was included. Feel I have wasted money. Now FREE, wheres may £0.75, I can use this to buy gold. Wish I could take my 1 star away. Cheated again.

Great game,graphics awsome. :) and scary when earbuds in and on loud :/ lol.. controls sometimes screw up,not too bad tho. Im not too big of a fan of in game things to buy,and new update makes game harder which is better,the sprinting girl and armored guy are hard. D:

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