AVARS – Infinite Variations of Fighting Style

[Game] AVARS – AVABEL Ranking Season

AVARSMMORPG that you aim to conquer the Onliest Ranking!

More than 100 types of Ranking System!
Reach the top with Ranking that matches your playstyle, including Defeated Monsters and PvP Victories!

Season-based system that Seasons switch after certain time!
All the Rankings will be reset right the instant Seasons have switched! Any players can challenge again from the scratch!

Weapons x Magic!? Infinite Variations of Fighting Style!
Unlike the ordinary MMORPG, there are no “Class”! Find your own fighting style by combining over 500 types of Skills!

Character Making can be done freely!
Dress up your character by changing outfit and draping aura!

Online battle against players around the world!
Achieve victory through heated PvP with your hardened power and tactics!

Game Details
Title: AVABEL Ranking Season (MMORPG)
Genre: Season-based Ranking MMORPG
※MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online RPG

Official Site :en.ava-rs.com/

AVARS user reviews :

Apparently it’s a classic MMO that’s been ported over for mobile users. The graphics aren’t bad, they remind me of playstation 1 graphics. However I can’t really describe the gameplay because I couldn’t really get to it. Despite unlocking character action skills, I cannot EQUIP them to actually engage in combat. My character stands there and gets hit in the face! Tutorials can’t be reviewed again if you forget how to do something or if you skip over them. I can’t entertain this bull anymore

Can’t get past the second loading screen (or third? The one where it gives the advice). Losing network connection gives a black screen that will never load. Also talks about granting permission on the first screen but there is no such permission to grant when I look through settings. Deleting this game. The advertised art is probably fake anyways.

It’s a good concept, but as always, boring execution. There’s no real way to get stronger or level up, as everything is basically telegraphed, just not automated. It takes too long to unlock interesting features like pvp and boss rushes, and the only thing I can play, costs resource that makes me wait. Safe to say yet another flop from asobimo. Just not what they used to be

Controls are extremely sluggish. You can only attack the direction the camera is except for a few spells. Where as the equipment system requires work, you cant evolve equipment despite having evolve stones. The skills that are learnable doesn’t show level prerequisites at all despite there being such. Overall this is a old model template that’s being used as a “new game” I’m giving it 2 stars because there’s no auto play, I hate auto play. Otherwise it’d be 1.

Back in the day, this kind of game looks good, but nowadays…. A lot of technical and gameplay problems. Ranging from long loading time, timer that doesn’t stop after you finish an area & loading the next area. To how to procure your own gears in game, it involves a huge amount of grinding and even after all those grinding, it has chance of failure, and it can reset too. This game needs lots of dedication, which I surely lacking. The game simply stops being fun when game turns into chore

Kinda interesting but still need some more work on translation, controlling and other stuff. I like that there’s many weapons to choose and each weapons have it own skill. Also the most annoying thing is that small ‘Loading’ which show up on everything (open bag, equip gear, learn skill, change map, talk to npc, etc.)

The game is great , it back how it used to be ” skill to play” but don’t take it too literally skill 1 under passive as basic attack and just remove the basic attack. The cool time for it is just no joke like if you take it to pvp the one with the cool time shorter like blade will win while the bracelet need to wait every 1 second to attack. And the player movement , return it to how it used to be , it’s way too fast , like let say the movement speed rn is 10 try to decrease it to 5-6.

Asobimo did a nice execution for this but it isnt beginner friendly at all as of now. Maybe have more guides on what to do like how to preset your abilities because a lot of nubs are asking over and over again “how do i attack?”. Other than that it is decently good. PS. Wilderness dungeon is way too scattered and thats where beginners might stop playing cause it is indeed difficult.

If you are competitive player, this game is just average for you, this game is actual cut-off from Avabel franchise and almost nothing to catch me interest. As its name implied, doing seasonal ranking is the main thing (with dungeon and pvp content), other than that, chatting and avatar collecting…and most gear/item/upgrade will disappear after season end (1 month), only thing I like in this game that it runs smoother than original Avabel

Good choice asobimo. Love it so far. No sp drain, solo play, ranking reset, dungeon floors with all the classes I love from avabel online. Really liking this idea. Hope more people appreciate what you guys are trying to do. Thank you

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