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Realm of HeroesRealm of Heroes
Brand new version UPDATE! New characters!New welfares!New gameplays!Lots of gifts are waiting for you.

update content
1.Transform into Monkey King and create a unique character
Divinization system is activated when players are at level 1. Transform into thousands of gods and create your unique character.

2.SP server OPEN! Get free gifts and infinity welfare
A large number of gifts are waiting for you to take, and help you on the adventure road.

3.Three thousand beauties are waiting for you
You will be the Soul Lord in the game. Summon your goddess and cultivate them: you are the witness of their growth from a tiny soul to the powerful goddess. Just sign the soul link with them, arouse them, and intensify them! The sexy and charming fox, pure and lovely unicorn, proud and elegant phoenix, and other goddesses will all accompany you to begin this journey!

4.Various Styling& Customized Design
Decorate yourself in game and become the shiny one you want.
Adjust your role appearance via changing clothes, dyeing to other colors, and trying different shapes.
Show your beauty to the world and everyone can be Macy Daddy.

5.Love World& Happy Together
Find your romantic love in game and start the adventure together!

Realm of Heroes user reviews :

WOW! I love this! I’ve been playing this for 12 days in a row and i think its pretty decent. Love the game design and all in all,i’ve never come accross a bug/glitch so far,so another merit point.I’ve been grinding all day all night so i can catch up with the others lol,when i first started playing it was easier to level up but as you progress it gets hard to level up after level 250(i expected it tho).But i love the way you can change the camera angle

I have to say this. This is ok to play. However there are many bugs. One of them that is heavy is when there’s a bug where everything almost everything is pink. So I thought reinstall it will solve it. But there’s another bug afterwards. It solves the pink screen, but then I can’t receive all the resources… Like when i click to collect all the rewards and resources it didn’t collect. I really hope you responded to this bug because i like this game and i want to play it…

It’s so hyped up for many weeks, but the game turns out to be extremely dissapointing . The guy characters looks deformed and recently the graphics UI render has became pink squares . The game no longer loads and nothing functions. When i first downloaded the game 1 minute in, i am already locked out from the game due to full server probably due to timing issues which allowed other users to enter hours before. Everything from storyline and character’s arc feels disconnected and sloppy.

One of the best graphical game I’ve ever played so far… So good,,, but inside I had to download more resources for the game to get interesting and work smoothly so I couldn’t continue since I didn’t had enough storage to store those resources so I quit I hope the gaming system would understand that for a normal devices it’s not possible to store more otherwise the rest are perfect… if possible please make it possible for every low devices with less RAM to play with fun as well…

Fantastic game. It is not balanced, but you will always find players around your level to compete with. The issue I have is there is NO guide anywhere. There is no wiki, youtube videos, reddit or anything, It’s very strange that 1M people have downloaded this game, yet there is no one making guides. You have to learn everything pretty much by yourself.

  • Hello, thank you for your comment. Welcome to contact our gm via fb inbox if you have any question about the game. We will try our best to help you. Sincerely waiting for your arrival. FB Link:

Pretty cute game but you’d be tempted to pay (at least for the 1st recharge) to get the perks. Only giving 3 stars because of the bugs. 3rd time downloading this; had to reinstall because there were graphic glitches where stuff like the Wings & the Pets became pink boxes. Then could not log in into the game at all (despite the connection &etc. all good).

Really nice game. Smooth graphics, cool story. But, after the new update, my game is currently mostly unplayable. My character is now a neon pink blob. I cannot use melt, refine, get my daily login reward, access the exchange stores. There is also glitch where random numbers and letters pop up filling the screen when I try to do so activities. I was really enjoying this game until the update. Please fix, as I have read other reviews and found many other players struggling with the same problem.

  • Hi sorry about that and you could deal with it via reinstalling game, before that you should record the method to log in game in case of forgetting! Our team already knew the problem and would fix it ASAP! Thx for your feedback! If you have any other problem, welcome to contact us via FB inbox:

Contact developer :


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