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Award VPNAward VPN allows you to get easy access to your favorite sites and applications without restrictions.

Make sure no matter what you are Watching / Streaming / Downloading or doing, your personal data and information is safe and secure


Easy to use: connect to any VPN server with one touch
Suitable for protecting connections of all types of networks: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G
Full anonymity
Hiding your IP address
Kill Switch


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Award VPN user reviews :

I like this concept of a free VPN, to be ad-based. It has suddenly quit working. I guess my issue is there’s nothing in the way of updates about when it will be back up and running, just a Facebook comment about problems and having to re-submit to the app store. When it is back up and running, I will consider changing my rating. Edit:As of March 22, 2022 the app has continued working and I haven’t noticed any issues. I also appreciate how they keep you updated on the award VPN Facebook page.

I love this vpn. You just need to generate one code for 6 hour of unlimited use. Faster connection.

so far been excellent no problems hope they keep up the good work

It works to a point but cannot select remote server. The app presents an option of location and country e.g. UK or Germany but not able to change or select the country you may require?? Used on my Huawei tablet and the Google Store warns that the app is not optimised for my device running Android 7.0???

Not real familiar with a VPN. But I have tried 2 other free VPN’s and Award VPN is by far the best Free VPN! ***UPDATE*** 3/2/22 I’m hoping it still remains great if it ever tells me WHERE THE HELL THE AD BLOCKER IS THAT IS HINDERING USING THE APP! I really don’t want to complain about a free service, but what good is it when it does nothing but stop you from using it? I have been through my phone with a fine tooth comb and there is no AD BLOCKER installed, in use or in proximity!!

Lovely little VPN, even better where it’s for free. Well done developers. 11/3/22. Just a little update, it worked lovely for a couple of weeks and then today when I tried to get a pin I went on the link got a pin code but can’t add it to my firestick. I’ve tried on and off all day and no joy. What’s going wrong????

I would have given it a 3.5 since I’ve only been on it for 2 days so far but I bet deserves a 4..reasons are that for it being free, it holds its weight among the paid vpn’s and secondly, I haven’t paid a dime to use it up to this point. I use it now on both my firestick and phone as well…so far so good..

In short I tried to install this app onto my android box,i open it,it keeps crashing, I can’t change server location or watch videos for credits, tokens I have it on my phone it works perfectly fine this makes no sense, not to me

Was great, but it no longer works. Cannot even load a simple webpage when connected now. And of course , you have to watch ads to connect and find out that it doesn’t work……thus giving the developer money.

I think this is the best free vpn I’ve used no annoying adds that disrupt your connection and with 6 hours of continuous use and good speeds as well I highly recommend this if your looking for some online privacy.

This app is very promising and for free, works great on firestick the only issue I am having is trying to access some geo blocked content as I am in Spain, as yet not able to on mobile phone. After a week of use here i can add that i contactrd developer and had a very fast response,i can now get bbciplayer etc in Spain

Very good! Would be 5 star if you could change the pin just before the 6 hours expires to prevent losing connectivity while gutting a new pin and reconnecting.

This New Version is Brilliant we all need a bit of free in these difficult times. Award have a no Log policy you dont need to register or create any id or payment plan. Free is acheived by ads on the website while you claim your 6 hour Pin. It works right from the download. If you have a mix of devices including Android and Fire Award has you covered. Award gives you that flexability Yet FREEDOM Now available for Windows

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